In the world of modern high performing pc’s having a high end graphics processing unit is more than essential. Today I am going to write about such a GPU today. It’s a variant of Nvidia’s newly released 1070 Ti model, from Zotac. The full name of the product is Zotac 1070 Ti Amp edition. The graphics unite boasts all the features of the founders version and more. It has 2432 cuda cores, 8 GB DDR5 video ram, and a boasts a 1683 MHz core clock speed.


The aftermarket version from Zotac that I am talking about ditches the blower style fan of the founder’s edition and replaces it with their custom fan system, an in house technology which they are calling IceStorm which comes in the form of two well-crafted fans. Which is way better than that of a founder’s edition. Under load the temperature of the card stayed at a constant high of 81 degree Celsius and the most amazing thing about the card is that during idle, the temperature stays below 50 degree and during that, the two fans don’t even move. So, the fans result in a more silent usability. They start rolling only when the temperature hits over 50. That is a great way to conserve energy.


The card also has a built in RGB lighting system that could be controlled with Zotac’s gpu software. Now, performance wise the card stays ahead of a vanilla 1070 but lag just behind of a 1080 and that is exactly where it should be staying according to its specs. The card can perform almost as good as a 1080 if it has been overclocked using Zotac’s own software or MSI afterburner.

Because the card is at a tight space between a 1070 and a 1070Ti, Nvidia has blocked any of the members to factory overclock the cards like the other aftermarket models usually are. It is due to the fact that if these 1070 Ti cards are factory overclocked by themselves, they would perform like a 1080 and in doing so would render the 1080 undesirable to the users because of the high price point and almost nonexistent performance boost from the 1070 Ti. But Zotac has a one click overclocking solution which can be used to overclock the card to get those extra frames per second. But in retrospect, if you are using the card for 1080p or even 1440p gaming, you might as well not overclock the card because in stock, it crushes all that has been given to it.


The test bench that was used to test the performance was chosen in order for the card to not get bottle-necked. New titles like Witcher 3 resulted an average fps of 72, Rainbow Six Siege showed 181, CSGO gave average of 332 and all the other games that were tested with the card showed no result of halted performance. They were all way over the playable mark and easily the card is future proofed for upcoming years as well. It should also be noted that all the games that were tested, were tested in 1080p.

In 4k however the card would not be a best choice although it performs respectably. But if you want a smooth performance of over 60 fps in all games in 4K, you have to go for a 1080 Ti as it’s the best choice for it. In 3Dmark firestrike extreme benchmark, the card gets 7233 points which is a lot more than a 1070. Now except for gaming, the card is also suitable for content creation because of those extra cuda cores and high bandwidth memory bus. The card also comes with a 5 year extended warranty which will come in handy. In the end, it’s safe to say that Zotac 1070 Ti Amp Edition is a beast of a graphics processing unit and it crushes everything that is thrown at it. It is highly recommended for 1080p and 1440p gaming and content creation.