Your First Digital Multimeter – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

As the name suggests, a digital multimeter offers the functionalities of testing multiple electronic circuits. These are capable of measuring Voltage, Current, and Resistance. A multimeter is a must-have device for every hobbyist, technician, engineer, and other people who need to check electronic circuits of any type.

Fulcrum 2000PF-200uF Professional Compact Digital Multimeter FC6243L

It can be a small electronic connection or a large, complicated circuit; each electronic component ranging from a simple diode to a power amplifier needs to be tested for various electrical properties. There are multiple types of digital multimeters available in the market. Choosing the suitable device at the right price requires planning and more understanding about this gadget. Some multimeters include specialized features in addition to basic features, while others come with standard functions. Some technicians may have specific requirements and may need an updated version of this instrument, irrespective of the multimeter price. In this article, we will try to cover different aspects to consider before buying a digital multimeter.

HTC DM-92 Digital Multimeter (AC Voltage Range 0 to 750V) DM to 92

Types of Digital Multimeter and the Criteria for Choosing the Best

Besides measuring amps, volts, and ohms, many multimeters can measure specific parameters, including frequency, capacitance, continuity, and even temperature. So, it becomes necessary to evaluate the kind of digital multimeter you need, to help you make the most out of it.

Kyoritsu Digital Pen Type Multimeter 400mV-600V KEW-1030

Types of Digital Meter

Different models of digital multimeters are available in the market, ranging from an entry-level multimeter to a multimeter for frequent trade use. Let us go through some of the most critical features to help out find the best multimeter depending on our needs.

• Multimeters for Occasional Jobs: An entry-level multimeter is an excellent option for occasional jobs or most DIY jobs. These can be very well used for testing light bulbs, wiring sockets, battery testing, or measuring voltage. They are also helpful in determining the presence or absence of electric voltage. You can choose an entry-level multimeter with a limited range to prevent errors while ensuring easy handling.

Mastech MAS830L Digital Multimeter (AC Voltage Range 0 to 600 V)

• Digital Multimeters for Regular Use: If you want to test electrical installations or circuits on a regular basis, then consider buying a more sophisticated and reliable multimeter. While detecting basic faults, a multimeter that can measure current, resistance, and voltage is a must. You can also choose a ‘fork clamp’ multimeter, which allows you to take measurements without disconnecting wires.

Rishabh 613 Digital Multimeter (DC Current Range 10µA to 16A)

• Digital Multimeters for Frequent Use: If you are a trade person or a professional who requires electrical work more frequently, then you should go for a top-of-the-range multimeter. This type of multimeter offers all the operating modes you may need and the right kind of measuring ranges to help fulfill your tasks effectively. When working with industrial-scale voltage, that is over 230 V, and a three-phase supply is required to be checked, then a professional-grade digital multimeter will serve you best. Here you should not consider the multimeter price and choose a robust model.

Sigma 33A Digital Multimeter (AC Voltage Range 400mV to 750V)

Criteria for Choosing the Best Digital Multimeter

At the beginner level, most of us buy our first multimeter that can measure voltages and resistances. But as we gain knowledge and learn more about electronics, we prefer to buy a digital multimeter that can handle different types of measurements. Below are some essential tips to consider while buying a multimeter.

• Range Limits: One of the most critical features to watch while buying a digital multimeter is its range. A multimeter range should cover your present and future project demands. Ensure to select a multimeter that offers a good management range for both voltage and current.

Rishabh multi 20 Digital Multimeter (AC Volt 10µV to 1000V)

• Accuracy: Accuracy can be defined as the difference between the actual value and the value displayed by the device. Minimum the difference, the more accurate your multimeter is. A multimeter with a low price band may offer lower accuracy and vice-versa. A low-end digital multimeter is a good choice for occasional home use, but when working with high accuracy is required, go for a high-end model neglecting the multimeter price.

Fluke 117 True Rms Digital Multimeter 0.1mV to 1000V

• Safety Features: Safety is another factor to consider when dealing with an electronic tool. A professional digital multimeter can be used to measure high current and AC or DC voltages. So, safety is a critical factor to watch. Watch that your multimeter has a standard fuse system so that it stops working in case of an accident. Moreover, check the quality of probes. These should be made from high-quality silicon rubber to prevent current leakage.

Mextech MAS-830L Digital Multimeter (AC Voltage Range 200 to 500V)

• Auto Hold Function: Good models of digital multimeters have this handy feature and help note measurements easily. In this model, when you connect the probe using both hands, the multimeter reads the values, and the readings remain on the screen if you remove the probes. This is a good safety feature, as while working with AC mains, you need to focus on connecting the probes, ensuring that you don’t touch a live wire accidentally.

Rishabh Max 10 Digital Multimeter (AC Volt Range 400mV to 1000V)

• Durability: A multimeter should withstand shocks, bumps, and accidental falls. Look for an excellent outer casing while shortlisting a digital multimeter for your workplace.

MetroQ MTQ-8045 Digital Multimeter (AC Voltage Range 200mV to 750V)

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