What are some of the issues that keep small business owners awake at night? Money? Market share? Customers? Legislation? Red tape? It’s all these and more.

Yet small businesses form this country’s economic backbone. They contribute more than half of Australia’s GDP and have been described as the engine room of Australia.

SMEs struggle to keep up with changes in legislation due to lack of time and staff. This has created negativity to red tape, documentation and management systems. But what if there was a way of reducing documentation and duplication whilst boosting your bottom line?

Reap the Rewards

There is a way and it’s called integrated management system certification Australia. By investing time and money now businesses will most certainly reap the rewards later.

Working closely with integrated management services in Brisbane, Queensland businesses can find ways of working smarter, not harder. An integrated management system allows an organisation to combine its quality assurance, environmental management and workplace health and safety management systems into one document.

This significantly reduces documentation and disruption and puts all the key issues at the heart of the organisation. So many of these business functions and legal responsibilities are already integrated; it makes sense to manage them that way.

Management System Certification

Integrated management system certification Australia frees up time to work on the important issues, such as growing your customer base and increasing your market share. It reduces stress and gives business owners the confidence to grow their organisation.

Integrated management systems are all about improving efficiency and effectiveness. It’s about spending some money to get a lot more. It also demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to continuous improvement, employee and customer satisfaction, and better performance.

It’s no longer you against the world; it’s about you working with your leadership team to successfully grow the business. This point is very important.

Speed and Efficiency

Many business owners report feeling alone and isolated. A recent study of more than 400 small business owners in Australia found they suffered from poor mental health. More than 85% regularly take work home and found the line between work and the home had blurred.

SME owners often say they would like to improve their management systems but find the language of these documents hard to understand. They also find it hard to set aside the time needed to work on this.

The truth is, they don’t need to do it on their own. In fact, it’s far quicker and more efficient to work with management system consultants. Organisations such as Standard Consulting in Brisbane know the ISO systems inside out!

Hiring Consultants Pays Off

At this point SME owners say okay, but what about the cost? Hiring consultants costs money. True, which is why you choose consultants with services specifically aimed at small to medium-sized businesses.

This includes preparing a customised management system, implementing the system, training staff and achieving accreditation.

For any business looking to become a supplier, or win public sector tenders, integrated management system certification Australia is a must. Come on, you owe it to yourself to at least check it out. Who knows, it might cure your insomnia!