How to travel is an inbuilt ability but where to go is usually the big dilemma. If you want to experience a stunning beauty and to feel a classic touch, Croatia awaits you. However, you can’t experience the complete beauty of the country without visiting Split. There is no doubt that your experience in Split will expose you to a different vibe. There will be no regrets in choosing Split as your destination. The only regrets you can have are limited time to exhaust all tourist destinations in the city.

What to see in Split

If it’s your first to visit Split, you should definitely have sunglasses to prevent your eyeballs from popping out. The scenes out there are amazing enough to surprise your optic system. For first-timers, it is advisable to condition your heart because the excitements will speed up your pumping rates. Here is a taste of what you will find in the city:

The Diocletian’s palace

The palace was named after Emperor Diocletian and has existed ever since 332 AD. It will capture your sight the moment you step into the city. If you spend the night there, you will get an opportunity to witness the illumination of the granite and marbles columns. It is the only cultural monument in existence today in which people reside. There are other spectacular antiques to see within the palace such as Egyptian sphinx and Jupiter’s temple.

Diocletian’s Palace, Image courtesy: Carole Raddato (Flickr)

Croatian National Theatre

It was built in 1893 and has an opera, ballet hall, and a theatre. The medieval architecture defines the essence of art. It is a place where you can spend your poetic moments and enjoy modern art in a historic building.

Croatian National Theatre, Image courtesy: Oleg (Flickr)


What to do in Split

If you are a fan of the TV show “Game of Thrones”, then you know that the Klis fortress appears in season four. You can take a tour guide or explore it by yourself because it’s only about 20 minutes north of Split.

The Klis Fortress

Sometimes the excitement can be too much to handle. If that becomes the case, you can always go to Marjan hill where you can enjoy in great view on the city. Marjan hill is a very popular place for running, hiking, cycling or jogging. You can also visit the National park like Krka which is an hour of driving from Split. It’s a beautiful string of waterfalls where you can get a chance to interact with nature and refresh yourself. If you are more adventurous you can easily do Island hopping, because of Split’s position you can visit a number of islands and it’s an excellent base for that. From the beautiful island Brac famous for its white-pebble beach Golden Cape to the sunniest island Hvar, you can see them all.

Hvar, Croatia; Image courtesy: Chris Goldberg (Flickr)

What to experience in Split


The list of places to visit in Split is endless; you can’t exhaust everything in a single tour. Here are some notable places you should consider:

1). Peristyle square: – This is where summer music festival is held; therefore, you can attend the cultural acoustic music performances


2). Bacvice beach: – Summertime should never end without going to the beach. It is the favorite bathing beach in Split because of its clean sea and sand.

Split beach, Image courtesy: Let ideas compete (Flickr)


During summer it is usually easy to travel to Split because flights from Europe and Russia take a direct route to Split. You can also get there by ferries and summertime has the highest frequency of ferries from Ancona, Italy. If you feel like you prefer a bus trip, there are regular services from various European cities to Split. You can’t miss a suitable means of transport.

Once you get there you will find an affordable Split taxi which will offer to take you to any part of the city. One more thing to remember is that taxis don’t have a particular color like in other major European cities like London. They also have a name of the municipality to which they belong so there will be no confusion for you.