Why Solid Waste Management is Critical

Solid waste management is the collection, transfer, storage, processing, and disposal of waste. The management also includes controlling, monitoring, and regulating the above activities to ensure proper disposal and hygiene standards. In recent years, municipalities across the globe have paid more attention to solid waste management (SWM) due to increased public awareness of the importance of the environment. Solid waste management is critical for the environment and to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in public areas.

Nowadays, people have started practicing SWM at home due to increased awareness. They maintain a separate dustbin for wet and dry waste. In fact, many residential societies urge members to practice this segregation. A few societies even have waste segregation as a compulsory rule. Besides, due to a lot of food takeaways, e-commerce parcels, etc., the amount of waste generation has increased. This has led the homeowners and waste management personnel to increase the usage of the dustbin.

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The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which was launched in 2014, has grown to become India’s largest cleanliness drive, attracting over 3 million government employees and students from across the country with the common goal of eliminating and resolving sanitary issues such as open defecation and water contamination.

The Swachh Bharat mission provided households with proper solid waste management dustbin and also resulted in the building of over 90 million toilets in rural India. All of these positive initiatives have contributed to a cleaner, healthier India.

Waste management can be a complex issue that affects every household, hospital, factory, farm, and so on. Waste is classified into two categories: biodegradable waste and non-biodegradable waste. Let’s see how they are different from each other.

• Biodegradable waste: It is defined as any material that organisms can decompose. The same is true for garbage. Biodegradable waste, also known as moist waste, can be composted to produce manure, natural gas, and other products. They decompose naturally over time without the need for human intervention.

• Non-biodegradable waste: Materials that cannot or take a long time to decompose by organisms are classified as non-biodegradable. Plastic, glass, and other types of waste fall into this category. Non-biodegradable waste can be recycled and reused in some cases.

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Waste segregation is the first step in waste management because different waste products necessitate different disposal methods. Similarly, waste from various sources must be appropriately segregated. Furthermore, open waste dumping should be avoided, as landfills and other areas with accumulated waste material serve as breeding grounds for pests and rodents that spread infections and diseases.

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At, we have a variety of waste collection and segregation products, including different types of dustbin such as residential bins, biomedical bins, and roadside bins.

Smart Dustbin: The Waste Management Solution of the Future

Waste management has proven to be a powerful motivator for both household and industrial bin suppliers. Bins that cater to both versatile and specific needs can be found, ranging from modular kitchen dustbin to biomedical bins.

Smart bins are cutting-edge waste disposal systems with wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors. These sensors detect the remaining storage capacity in real-time and send this data to a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform for further analysis via the internet of things. Based on this data, waste collection services optimise and reinvent their waste management logistics.

These bins are manufactured in a variety of different variants and colour combinations with the end-user in mind.

Solid Waste Management is Now More Important than Ever

The global solid waste problem is growing at an exponential rate. Rapid urban population growth, combined with changes in consumption, means that we are beginning to drown in the waste we are producing as a species.

Waste management, which was previously only a concern in developing countries, is now a critical global issue.

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The unvarnished truth about our waste crisis

The issue of marine pollution has recently taken centre stage in the world’s growing waste crisis. Plastic and other non-biodegradable items are choking the world’s oceans, and developed countries, in particular, have recognized the serious problem. One reason being the absence of a dustbin at regular intervals. 

However marine pollution is only one component of the problem. Waste is clogging not only the sea, but also the land and the air. Waste has long been dumped or burned in developing countries, causing severe health, safety, and environmental issues. According to, these primitive waste disposal methods cause disease and even contribute to global warming due to methane production.

At, we understand the ever-rising problems of waste management. We have curated over 10,000 sanitary products, including dustbin of various kinds and shapes to suit all types of outdoor and indoor waste disposal needs. Further, we have top manufacturers on our list selling high-quality products at bulk rates.

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