The Tv show is set in like what is real possibility of what life could be like if you lived in Deep space environment since it covers a range of different things in such as

problems of general people

Image of the galaxy
The bar is a very important part of the storyline of the show since it covers a love-hate relationship between Quark and Odo both characters in a way like and dislike the other all the time since Quark always trying to make himself profit but Odo still trying to find a crime he did and get him jailed for it.

Odo himself is very much a person who believes firmly in the rules of right and wrong and wrong, but in one moment of his life he does commit an act of injustice and lets wrong people die for a crime they never did.

A large part of the show is about gambling the reason I say this all part of the storyline relate in way to gambling like Benjamin Sisko role in religion could get risky depending on how he deals with it all the time and him being seen as religion role model and when he deals with the war with the Klingon anything could happen for the battle against them and when they battle the Cardassian and Dominion.

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Part of why I like this show so much it deals much more with the supporting characters such as Elim Garak who plays a fascinating role with Julian Bashir. Garak plays the role of Taylor, but in reality, he was thrown out of Carda for him stopping some kids being killed which his father of Enabran Tain who is the leader of the Obsidian Order. The Obsidian order are group before who were destroyed were a group who were set to protect Cardassian people from harm, but they were separate from the armed forces of the Cardassian people. Both Julian and Garak go on adventures together such as Garak tells “Julian you need a new suit come to my shop ” in this storyline he wants to see what happened and tell his commander about it. Garak in a way teaches the other character a range of different things about life such as how to lie and why the mission more important than how you do it. The reasons Garak wants the other character company is he’s, in reality, lonely and wants to be friends with someone who’s smart and caring and he enjoys to play tricks on him since he knows as a human he’s prone to being caring and friendly.

Odo and Major Kira play a very interesting role together since both characters respects the other at high level but Odo has a secret crush on Major Kira but he was to shy to admit it which for me the show a lot more interesting since he always tried to hide it but in the story he gets to date her and be with her so the show did up positive in love.