The ISP industry has taken several shakeups, with several names taking the limelight and redefining competitive boundaries, internet services and deals, and channel lineups. Two names however, have taken the game ahead; Spectrum and Xfinity by Comcast. Both the companies have grown significantly in scale and size and reputation. Although, most significant features and plans offered by both the companies are same, yet there are still key differences that makes Time Warner cable Internet more attractive than Xfinity deals.
For the customers who want a reliable internet setup, they need to go through this in-depth comparison of both the ISPs. Since both ISPs provide great bundles and hardware, the choice may seem difficult for a start. At the end, a smooth, enjoyable relationship with an ISP is more rewarding. Go through the comparison and then reasons that make Charter Spectrum stand out:
Charter Spectrum Internet Deals Offer a Clear Winning Price and Speed
Even if your preference from an ISP is their cable package, you will choose Spectrum Cable Internet then Xfinity cable packages. Internet speed in any case matters. You need a consistent high internet speed for watching your favorite TV shows, a lag in that can ruin the fun of your entire watch. When internet speed is good, the channels packages become the second concern. While, both Spectrum and Xfinity offer faster internet services, but there is clear winning amongst them.
The past of Spectrum, before the merger with Time Warner Cable, it showcased relatively slow speed and was known to be a smaller regional cable provider. As a result its access to high-speed infrastructure was limited. After the recent consolidation of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, things have changed. Spectrum offers a speed of 60 megabits/sec or 100 megabits/sec. Both these speeds are suitable and fast enough to stream and run multi-device households.
As for Xfinity, the base speed is relatively slower than Spectrum internet speed. The base speed offered by Xfinity is 25 megabits/sec and it also offers a blast by upgrading the internet speed to 150 Mbps and even to 300 Mbps. While in other growing markets, Xfinity is offering 1Gbps and 2Gbps as well which tends to be 10 to 20 times faster than Spectrum’s top speed. But the top speed also comes with pricey deals, which is why Spectrum wins in offering good high internet speed along with good price deals.
Spectrum Cable Internet Has a Close Tie with Xfinity
Xfinity has worked well in creating the image of more than a cable company for itself in the past decade. Indeed, it’s persuasion in this direction is going well and it is currently building a huge tower in Philadelphia that will house technology and engineering related things only. The company has worked hard in building an empire by bringing in its own custom developments, such as Comcast X1 system: it features Netflix integration and voice-activated interface. Xfinity is also way ahead of Spectrum for its open-access, hotspots and Wi-FI.
Spectrum on the other hand, still owns a mark of being a small cable company in regards to its features. Spectrum does not develop its own top box, instead it has developed a partnership with Arris who provides the company with modems and routers. Spectrum is however compatible to TV Anywhere applications on mobile devices. This is one point where Xfinity and Spectrum Cable Internet has a close tie and no one wins over the other.
Charter Internet Cost has Xfinity Nowhere Close
Xfinity is by far known to be the most expensive cable provider in USA, but normally in areas where the customers have no viable option. As compared, Charter has very affordable and competitive pricing structure. So if you want the perfectly priced package with good speed as well, you will be looking nowhere but at the Best High Speed Internet Providers: Spectrum High Speed Internet.
Customer Satisfaction through Customer Service
Xfinity by Comcast has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to different advertised prices and conflicting communication. The overall cable industry reputation sinks in regards to the customer service department. Xfinity by Comcast is ranked as the least liked company, while Charter customer support still serves to do better with its friendly staff and solution providing capabilities. The winner for this department is clear here: Spectrum – the smaller size but bigger inspirations takes the company to better rankings.