This, perhaps is the toughest point in a player’s life when he realizes that the time has come. Being a sportsperson is a journey that is not confined to the field or sports ground only, it goes further in to the decisions made in every sphere of life. However, the glory come to an end where it becomes gleaming and aware the player of his time of departure. The departure from the sports ground made, is to be continued for the rest of the life and never to come back to the ground as a player again. you may say, coach, but it is not for everyone. Not everyone can lead and inspire. Having been in the ground for more than half of a lifetime becomes more than just a habit! Having cheerleaders down the alley seems overwhelmingly natural and living without seems unreal. The life choice between the obvious and the desired becomes tougher to get along with. Players are forced and exceptionally encouraged to retire from this lifeline of theirs. The bell rings louder and the leave becomes certain.


Here’s to few such players who have proved themselves worthy of the ground and retired just when they needed to.

Kevin Johnson:

The successful career of this NBA player took a turn in 2000 after his retirement from Phoenix Suns. He had served the team with the best he could and turned a new chapter in charity. He started the Kevin Johnson Foundation where he succeeded to work for the people in search of a path worth following. He joined politics as a Democrat. He has been elected as Mayor of Sacramento in 2008 and got re-elected in the year of 2012. Kevin Johnson has been a sportsperson at heart and raised voice for the best of people.

Patrick Ewing:

One of the true NBA devotees who have lived their lives in Basket Ball, is Patrick Ewing. This player has been in the front light as one of the best in his times. He has emerged as a brilliant coach for Dwight Howard where he started his career following retirement. He has served Charlotte Bobcats as an assistant coach. He has a brand called “Ewing Athletics” that he relaunched in 2012.

Shane William:

The famous rugby face is now retired yet playful. He has been active in the marathons around the world and been able to pull it off like a pro! He was an active runner in the London Marathon and had taken part in the Lion’s Bicycle Ride in New Zealand. Shane William is an active sportsperson at the age of 39 and has been taking part in the charity run activities around the world. His career is in full swing as he has a clothing line of his own named, SW11. He is the owner of “I Am Shane William”. His devotion towards sports has ever remained beyond question so as his passion for voluntary activities for humanity.

Ryan Jones:

Welsh Rugby Union has Ryan Jones in the team as one of key persons. He took his life turning decision of leaving the spotlight behind with a shoulder injury on a sudden. He has served as the Wales captain to perfection. He has run deep in the veins of Welsh Rugby Union to ensure the participation of the countrymen. He has been awarded with an Honorary Msc. From Swansea University in the year of 2016.

Chris Harris:

One of the sensation of cricket world of New Zealand who stormed in the 90’s has had ups and downs in his career following retirement. Chris Harris has had an amazing sports career with New Zealand being one of the most constructive players in the team. He took up a job of medical representative after having retired from the team. Later on he worked as a medical representative of the Australian company for supplying medical equipment for knee, hips, spinal cord etc.