It is definitely a weird thought that what if aliens are watching us. It may feel like being in a huge laboratory and we don’t even know it! Among various sort of weird things going around on earth; the theories, researches, models and paradoxes regarding the existence of aliens are obviously good ones. Scientists from different platforms are widely concerned about the existence of extraterrestrials.

A number of paradoxes, theories and counter theories have been published regarding this issue from twentieth century and it is going larger and deeper day by day. A part of news available on the Internet is increasingly concerned about aliens and almost claiming the existence of lives except for the ones in this planet.

A very popular theory known as “Fermi paradox” was brought into limelight by Enrico Fermi in the middle of twentieth century. In 1950 his question “where are all the aliens?” gave birth to this paradox. After that people gone crazy about the existence of lives in the outer world and they concluded with lots of theories and more paradoxes. All of them show many possibilities that one day we can find aliens and may interact with them as our friends. Or they may just vaporize us with the laser coming from their eyes in the very first meeting just because they didn’t like the wired taste of our Pina colada! Who knows!

The Fermi paradox can be explained through many theories and hypotheses. The best explanation to this famous paradox is the “zoo hypothesis”. This hypothesis describes that aliens may be observing us from afar like we do while visiting a zoo. Psst! Here we are the animals of course. Aliens are watching us but not really interrupting or contacting us just because we are not enough advanced as they are. Another reason of avoidance may be that they failed to find anything of their use from us or our planet. Seeing from the outside the world looks like a huge mess; I too would avoid contacting with human kind if I were an alien.

Later in 1960, Frank Drake sent some radio waves in the space hoping to contact aliens in the outer space. He didn’t get any response in return but it was the first formal search ever made for extraterrestrial lives. He worked throughout his life to find or at least prove that there are lives except this planet. Recently one of the radio stations of NASA claimed they received some radio signals from space. What do you think? Are those sent by the aliens or Drake’s signals got bored all alone in the space and decided to come back?

Most of the theories regarding aliens have concluded that their lifestyle, needs and even the base of their existence are lot different from ours. It is held the most valid explanation to the question that why we didn’t get to see an alien so far. Another reason is that they are so much advance from us that they don’t find any interest contacting us or paying a visit to earth! Lots of incidents occurred in the past which have almost removed the doubt that if the aliens exist. We are pretty sure that there are lives living fine outside our world or even the entire galaxy.

So it is pretty possible that aliens are watching us from afar or may be sitting right beside us but we can’t see them either for their super powers or maybe they are created with “alien particles” which human are not supposed to see. There can be lot more weird explanations why aliens haven’t show up yet but we can certainly wait for them to welcome them cordially instead of firing them at the very first sight!