hello frndz

If you are in a relationship then one says, “You are in a relationship? What? Why? Don’t you have enough friends to hangout? Why the hell do you need a boyfriend?”. Or if you are not in a relationship then the same person goes on with, “Oh poor soul! Why don’t you have someone to cuddle?” I mean seriously? That much hypocrisy? You just have to say nothing to this kind of person, you just need to throw a smile on them, they may thing with that smile you meant you’re getting convinced with their so called opinion, but nope, you’re actually happy with your decision.

You both met online? Don’t know much about each other? You’ve told people your story? You just gave them a lighter to fire up your relationship’s house which is build with straw. Congratulations!

Have you ever noticed when you die to do something the whole world just strikes with their hammers to ruin your wish? When you just want to eat an ice-cream in front of him and it just looks like you never had an ice-cream ever in your whole life because you just dropped that ice cream on his shoes. Oh shoes! They are your huge enemy in front of him. Even if you have worn that pair of shoes for like hundred times, even then it is going to make your ankle slip. Oh Lord! Any day but not now, please for God’s sake!!

Then when you go around with your partner some may get jealous or some may just call you “clingy partners” as you two are sticking to each other. Its okay for you, you know? I mean you’re with him, so practically you can stick around. You may see a girl from his college, she may say, “Hey! You both look perfect together” but her inside voice is exactly like this “You bitch, you don’t deserve him”. Ahh! You just can’t stand these people.

But some of your friends are okay, by okay I meant they actually say the thing which they mean.

There can be family issues too, like his mother may not like you or your brother may not like him. If you two want to get married, bang! You may see a World War III. Then you and your partner will be like a tomato paste in their blender hatefulness.

Sometimes, actually you don’t need to pick some other topic to fight with each other. He may say, “How could you say our personal stuffs to your friend?” Oh boy! It’s nothing, you just said he kisses you every time to say bye. But fellas, there is another problem, cause he shares a lot with his roommate. I mean you could say how many times you had sex but I can’t say about your good-bye kiss? Injustice at it’s height.

Had a fight? Trying to fix it? Yes, but you are waiting for his call. And there’s the irony he’s also waiting for your call. Now you just have to wait for your relationship guardian to fall down and make you two to talk to each other. Good luck!

good friend

Have some special occasion? You want to do something special? Nope, you can’t, because people are sneaking on you. I know it’s your relation but people have their “valuable opinion” about “your” relation. Like you want to hangout with him the whole day or you arrange some surprise dinner party for you two, people may say, “Why are you doing this? He may not last forever. Don’t waste your time.” Or they may judge you, “How childish!” “How naïve!” or “Ewwww! How clingy!” Dear God! You can’t even give him sweet texts; other people will start noticing you as a “clingy girlfriend” except him. You thinking to land an ear to their opinion? They may surprise you even there. Voila. Those who are talking these judgmental statements they do the same for their relationship.

But sometimes you just get confused with your relationship, by listening to those bullshits may finally put some effect in your relationship. Exactly then he does something cute to make you feel better. And you just feel like, “Phew! This time he saved us.”