jacket girl

Jacket is an amazing clothe that accessorizes your style as well as comforts you during harsh weather. Stylists these days have acknowledged jackets as a distinct piece of clothe that allows the wearer to experiment with it in different shades and sizes. Cuts have been dealt with much accuracy varying at lengths. Fashion houses have found out their signature collections referring to different cuts in terms of jackets. Jackets are of different types depending on their genre and cut. The basic types are –Peplum, Motorcycle, Double Breasted, Mandarin Collar, One Button, Chanel, Bolero, Bomber and Drape Front. Depending on the material used and cuts followed, the jackets are termed.


Peplum is the type of jacket which uses simple cut in terms of jacket and uses light weight cloth into its making. Peplums have been experimented with different clothes starting from solid color to printed clothes. Color blocks and floral prints are most common among the types of peplums. You can wear any high waist jeans or leggings to be paired with your peplum or can try your pencil skirt for the same. Either way it looks gorgeous! You can wear any floral peplum with any solid color skirt or jeans. The best part of a peplum is that it has a belt available with it which complements the jacket at its best.


This jacket is a multifaceted one that can be worn with neo-grunge attire or anything chicer. This leather based jacket gives you comfort and style. Neo grunge look can be pulled off better wearing this type of jacket in leather, especially in black. A black pair of jeans with high waist can best complement your look wearing motorcycle jackets. You can even try them out in any shade lighter and this has been a newer form of experiments in terms of motorcycle jackets. You can wear all your junk jewelries with such jackets.

Mandarin Collar:

This chic and vintage attire makes you look gorgeous and classy while portraying you as an independent human being! Mandarin Collar jackets are occasionally worn with nice pair of palazzo or pencil skirts. This jacket allows you to retain style while guarding you against cold. The cuts off from shoulder differ according to the length of arm. This jacket is a Chinese inspired one which incorporates floral prints with colors on it. You can wear them with any simple jewelry you like, a small pendant will look amazing with the same.

One Button Jacket:

This jacket is a chic version of jacket to be worn for formal occasion. You can wear them for your work or corporate meetings. You can have them kept in solid color if opted for work. Otherwise, you can try them wearing with floral prints on. Try to keep the skirt or palazzos simple while paired with printed jacket. You can button up the jacket or keep it open when informal. Wear your pumps with palazzos while wearing a one button jacket.


This ultra stylish jacket is usually found in cotton and is kept short above waist. This cut is getting popular among the neo fashionistas who are exploring fashion with their ideas. This jacket is a piece of style statement that adds to the stylish attire of the wearer. Chanel is usually found in solid color sometimes in knitted cloth. This jacket can be worn with palazzo, bell bottom or pencil skirts. You can also try them out with high waist cut jeggings. Black denim would also complement this jacket in Chanel.

Drape Front:

This jacket is the trendiest version of simple jackets that can be worn even in spring! You can pair them up with any short retro dress or even tank top. This jacket looks amazing in bold colors. Floral prints are usually avoided in terms of Drape Fronts. Things are kept casual while Drape Fronts are worn. The wearer can accessorize herself with any funky jewelry with this jacket.