Wall Mounted Coolers – The Best Solution for the Scorching Summer Heat

Rising temperature, scorching heat, and irritable sweat are the most cunning enemies of human productivity in the summer season. As soon as we hit the month of March, the graph of discomfort rises sharply. However, it is mainly because of heat whether we stay in our homes or the workplace. In a country like India, where the summer temperature peaks up to 35 to 45 degrees Celsius, finding a solution for such a problem is essential.

If you are looking for something that cools down your surroundings and enhances your comfort to the fullest, air coolers are your one-stop solution. They are more cost-effective, energy-efficient, healthy, and environmentally friendly than air conditioners. Moreover, the technological advancements have brought forth an innovation of wall mounted coolers which add even more optimization to your space. If you are looking for an all intensive guide about air coolers, it’s time to explore this article until the end.

Working, Advantages, and benefits of Wall Mount Coolers

The Working Mechanism of the Wall Mount Cooler

The working mechanism of a wall mount air cooler resembles that of any other air cooler. The foremost principle on which it works is evaporative cooling, where water evaporation works to cool down your surroundings. The air coolers have cooling pads through which the warm air from the environment passes. These pads are made wet with the help of a water pump.

Consequently, the water in the cooling places assists in extracting the warmth from the fresh environmental air and thus converts it into soothing cool air with appropriate moisture. Moreover, the latest technology allows us to have an even more powerful cooling effect with dedicated trays where we can set ice cubes. Adding ice indeed brings a chilling result and thus speeds up the air cooling process.

Advantages of Air Coolers

You can leverage several benefits while using an air cooler and achieve the best comfort level in a cost-effective and optimized way. Some of the most exclusive benefits of using an air cooler are as follows:

● Energy efficiency
An air cooler is highly efficient because it saves almost 10 percent of energy compared to air conditioners. Such benefits would reflect in your electricity bills. Certain coolers also incorporate inverter technology which will enhance your energy savings. Such air coolers create less noise and thus set your room or workplace’s positive and comfortable ambiance.

● Cost-effective

There is no doubt that air coolers are far more affordable than air conditioners. However, this affordability does not come at the cost of quality, and they give you a super-cooling effect even after spending relatively fewer bucks from your pocket.

● Environment friendly

The air coolers work on natural evaporative cooling and do not use harmful chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons. Therefore, you benefit yourself and mother earth; you benefit yourself and mother planet by getting your hands on an efficient air cooler.

● Air quality

The air coolers circulate moist and fresh air into your room because they capture the atmospheric air and cool it down. On the other hand, conventional air conditioners repeatedly use the same stale air in the room.

Why Should You Go For A Wall Mount Cooler?

When selecting an air cooler, the major concern of people is about the space it would occupy in their room or workplace. However, this problem is no more a struggling point, thanks to wall mount air coolers. They are easy to install and have efficient working to cool even large rooms. They help you save the floor space and are fairly quiet, which helps to maintain your surroundings noiselessly. Moreover, the latest sleek designs are aesthetic, and therefore, it gives your room a classier look. Suppose you wish to leverage all these benefits. In that case, you can get your hands on a wall mount cooler like the Wall Mounted Cloud T Air Cooler by Symphony, which comes with an automatic water filling device, vertical swing, and string switches with energy consumption of only 255 watts.

What To Look For While Choosing A Wall Mount Air Cooler?

● The room size

The cooling effect of your air cooler significantly depends upon the size of the room in which you have installed it because every cooler comes with an inherent capacity of cooling a certain area only. A big cooler installed in a relatively small room will create excessive humidity, whereas a small one in a big room will leave you with a dissatisfactory cooling effect.

● Air throw distance

The blade profile of the air cooler holds a significant value in a cooling effect. The coolers with high angled blades throw air to long distances, therefore delivering cold air to each corner.

● Tank capacity

The tank capacity refers to the amount of water that you can fill in your wall mount air cooler, and it differs from one cooler to the other. Therefore, choosing a perfect capacity according to the size of your room is necessary. Moreover, the other vital feature is auto-fill which allows you to stay tension free about the water in your tank. Such a feature replenishes the moisture automatically, and all you have to do is keep a bucket of water and place the water pump in it. Wall Mounted Cloud T Air Cooler by Symphony also comes with this splendid feature to add more comfort to your summer days.

● Cooling pads

In the old days, wool wood pads were mostly used as cooling pads in a cooler. However, with technological advancement, honeycomb cooling pads with even more efficiency are available in air coolers.

● Ice chamber

Gone are the days when you could only use water for an optimum cooling effect. Nowadays, the wall mount air coolers come with a dedicated tray where you can place ice cubes. Once you get your hands on an air cooler with an ice chamber, nothing can beat your room’s chilling effect providing instant comfort.


A wall mount air cooler is the perfect solution for you on the scorching summer days. If you wish for a wall mount air cooler that is energy-efficient and healthy, environment friendly, and less noisy, then it’s time to visit, a marketplace for buyers and sellers with more than 1.2 lakh of market products. Along with a reliable base, it provides you several opportunities to leverage discounts on bulk purchases. So what are you waiting for? Visit industry buying right now to get your best wall mount air cooler.

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