One of them wore surprisingly few crochet pants, as seen in the zero-size models in the ads. But in this case, the shorts seemed to have an extra bottom under the hem.
Another girl was wearing white elastic leggings with a pattern of cellulite pits that could be seen through her, with props with a large protruding belly sausage.

Meanwhile, the third was wearing a cropped jacket that showed the entire back of her pink bra, covered with large pieces of fat, under and around the straps. To top it off, these three – I’m not kidding – shared a bag of chips.

It occurred to me that when these girls hate their bodies and tortures themselves with self-hatred, as we are told so often, those youngest women do it and do it, they do exactly that, Contrary effect.

Far from physical hatred, I witnessed a belief that left everything in its own right and an attitude of “doing nothing” in the face of obvious obesity.

And this is the one that must be shared by many because I do not only see in the salons of young fat people who show their flesh with confidence. I see him every summer day on the main street, in the park, where they undress until sunrise and after dark in the winter in front of each pub.

Being a PC, I criticize my sex for its size when it comes to weight, I am not afraid to say: I am absolutely fantastic. It’s not attractive, it’s not healthy, and given the problems that fats can cause, it should be as unacceptable as smoking.

The Boring Buying Process
I have been in this country for 23 years and it is not easier to buy clothes of my size. The size of my pants is about 24, and there are two issues that concern me. The first problem is that I cannot go to a store and find beautiful shorts or jeans on the shelf. I have to go to a bigger store. I have no problem going to Lane Bryant or Torrid, but the fight I am facing is that everything is too big. I can take jeans of my size and put them on. The fit around my waist is perfect, but then my eyes rest on my legs and I seem to be in parachute pants in the seventies.

Friends Trying to Understand
Nothing is more uncomfortable than shopping with my lean friends. You will find something beautiful that I can use and I hope it’s okay. Then I have to inspect the garment and tell my friend that it will not work. While my friend comments on my clothes and weight, he says, “My God, you’re not fat, you’re so pretty!” I learned to say thank you, turn around and turn my eyes. His heart is so pure, but do not lie to me cheering. Why cannot be fat? Why do you have to deny the state of my body to understand that I’m beautiful?

Being Fun and Frustrating
When I grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey, I spent my summers on the beach promenade. With two different sources of attractions, there was a whole world of possibilities. I love the emotions of coasters and laughter, while my friends scream in fear of fear. What I do not like is the fear that catches me when I sit in the seat waiting for a driver to catch me. The worker turns around, trying to put me on the belt without luck. “Madam, you cannot drive today, I’m sorry.” I will not sit down and blame the designers of the roller coaster or amusement park creators. All I’m going to say is that it’s extremely uncomfortable to wait at the exit until my friends leave the road and talk about how wonderful it was. In fact, it’s quite embarrassing.

Get Rid of Fatty
In addition to keeping hunger under control, eating protein at every meal helps body composition maintain the amount of fat in terms of muscle in a greater proportion. With calcium and D, protein helps you maintain muscle mass while shedding pounds. That means protein reduces over fat. A recent research from the University of Illinois exposed that women who consumed protein twice a day lost 3.9% more weight than women who consumed less food. Not only did they lose more weight, but they also strengthened, their thigh muscles reaching 5.8% more protein at the end of the diet than before.