It is a fact that Uber & Lyft has a few issues in the past in Austin with their concerns in providing the services to the people. They were said that the drivers who work under them should be verified with a background check and fingerprint authentication. This is what both the companies were asked by the people to continue their service in their city. Unfortunately, it so happened that they were unable to fulfill the demands of the people and they left Austin.


Time has changed things over a period and we can see that the behemoths in the ride-hailing industry will be coming back to Austin to provide services to the people. It has been around a year now that the people of Austin have made the companies move out. Unfortunately, it is evident that the city is struggling to cope up with the after effects of their departure.

After they departed, it was the new start-ups which started to fill the void which the famous ride-hailing companies create. Those companies were able to follow the regulations which the people have requested them to abide by. The companies from the local had started with providing the cab services to the people. Ride Austin, Fasten and Fare is the companies which have followed the regulations for the background and have provided the service to the folks.


People were visiting Austin to attend South by Southwest festival and it was expected that the commoners would be struggling to find a ride for themselves. There was anticipation in the air that people might not find a ride, as there is no availability of Uber or Lyft, which would take them to their destination. The local ride-hailing service providers were available around the city to take them to their destination.

Unfortunately, during that period there were technical issues for the service to be working, the services were not available for a few hours. It is said that the local ride-hailing start-ups have not really pulled off on a good start and they have not been successful in filling the empty space which was created after the departure of Uber and Lyft.


The interim of the issues in the services which have been provided by the local companies has brought the possibilities to bring back the big tech companies of ride-hailing back into the city. Though there were issues with the apps for the people to get a ride, in the end, it did work out well. There were normal taxi cabs flickering around the streets to give rides to the general public.

Everything was going well with the existing ride-hailing companies unless and until there was a downpour and the app started to act out of place. This has to the led legislate to have second thoughts to bring back the companies which had left in the past. We can say if Uber and Lyft services were made available in Austin all over again then it could be a threat for the brand new start-ups to lose their business.


Fasten and Ride Austin doomed when there was an important conference taking place in their city, all because of the sudden changes in the weather. If only the weather was fine enough that the apps would have worked properly and everything would have gone smoothly. This particular incident has put the business of the local start-ups at stake and it is important that they start working towards the app.

It was just that one day when things were not happening as planned, otherwise, the people were not actually suffering without Uber and Lyft in the first place. Fasten has almost completed successful rides of around 170, 000 over the time period of the SXSW. The failure rate of the riders not being able to find a ride for themselves was lesser than 50 percent.


During the high demand for the rides, unfortunately, all the servers and apps crashed and people were stranded on the streets unable to find rides for themselves. It is an undeniable fact that the riders from Austin and people who have turned up for the conference were completely disappointed with an outcome of this kind. On the flip side, the tycoons in this ride-hailing business are not easily going to back down from getting their business back in Austin.

Recently, the companies happened to attend a hearing along with the House of Transportation Committee. It is said that they would like to create statewide guidelines for the ride-hailing companies to follow through. One of the main reasons why the companies left is due to the reason of unable to process the fingerprint verification and background check of the drivers who drive for Uber and Lyft.

The spokesperson from Uber stated that Texas is in the limelight for the futuristic technologies but is way behind in terms of the ridesharing laws for the states. It is evident that the state legislature has to bring in common rules and regulations for the ride-hailing organizations. If this becomes a possibility, it is for sure that the companies which left Austin around 10 months ago, might be coming back to put forth a strong foot and make it big in their business.

On the other hand, Lyft wants to make sure that the rules which have been followed in the state are persistent enough. In that way, they can ensure that their business is in good terms with the people and the law as well. Apart from that particular factor, they would like to provide the rides which are affordable and are easily available for the people to use.

Ride Austin has been developed right from the scratch and all the rules and regulations which the people want to be followed are very much intact. The best part of the service which the company is providing to the people is that it is a non-profit Transportation Network Company. It is reckoned that Uber and Lyft might be investing around 2.3 million dollars on 40 different representatives.


This lead of business might be a big jolt, as the local companies have just started to create a good stand for their business. It is an undeniable fact that both the companies are the most contending ride-hailing service providers in the United States. The brand new start-ups are definitely going to suffer a lot if the companies make a huge way back into Austin.

It is said that Ride Austin has been one of the biggest TNC’s which has risen to a prominent spot in its business. Though there was a hinge during the SXSW conference in the city and it is very much aware of the fact that, it has been a huge downfall. They have stumbled but they are not going to stop and they will make it up to the people and fix every possible issue with the app.


They have started their business around 9 months ago and it has provided jobs to almost 4800 people and there is an accuracy of 99 percent with the fingerprint verification done. It is evident that the locals have made every possible effort to provide safe and secure service to the people of Austin. There are possibilities that the comeback of the behemoths might be intimidating, but it is a fact that they are going to have a strong hold on their business.


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