Types of Pipe Wrench Suitable for Different Needs

It is always exciting and thrilling for a tool fanatic to witness tools being modified and improved year after year. For someone with a regular tool usage, it can get quite confusing to see old tools replaced by newer versions each year. The pipe wrench, however, is one of the few tools that have remained virtually unchanged for nearly a century and is still being used for many plumbing projects.

A pipe wrench is a plumbing instrument used to facilitate an easier grasp when constructing couplings between pipes. The wrench is made so that the adjustable jaw quickly latches into the frame. Once the grip is solid in the place where the adjustment is needed, it is simple to exert forward pressure on the handle, which brings the jaws together.

The pipe wrench has two jaws: the top hook and the lower heel jaw, both of which are linked to the handle. The jaws have a rough covering to ensure a firm grip while moving the wrench. The lower jaw may be adjusted up and down to accommodate any size object grasped by the wrench. Steel and aluminium are used to make pipe wrenches. Steel is utilised in heavy-duty applications to withstand pressure. Aluminium is lighter, more corrosion resistant, and better suited for everyday use.

A pipe wrench comes in a variety of sizes and materials to improve the tool’s usage. Before working on the pipes, it is critical to select the proper wrench. There are various varieties of pipe wrenches, each built with a specific function in mind.

The hook jaw’s capacity to change to the size of any pipe that is being worked on, as controlled by the thumbwheel. The hook jaw is mainly constructed of forged alloy, and the shank is quenched and tempered for unassuming toughness. To resist wear and tear, the jaw teeth are induction hardened.

Types of Pipe Wrench

Before you start working, it is necessary to get taught and educated on the many varieties of pipe wrenches. If you don’t, you can buy the wrong wrench and end up damaging the object. It is also possible that the task will take longer to finish. It is safe to leave a half-inch gap between the back of the upper jaw and the item surface when using the wrench to avoid damaging both the wrench and the object.

Each pipe wrench is designed to meet a specific need. Let’s take a quick look around.

1. Straight Pipe Wrench

They are used to modify pipes with diameters ranging from three-quarters of an inch to eight inches. On the other hand, large straight pipe wrenches are useful for heavy-duty applications. These huge wrenches typically range in size from 9 to 60 inches. They are constructed of hefty steel or aluminium.

Inder 8 Inch Offset Pipe Wrench (Heavy Duty) P-332A

2. Offset Wrenches

Offset wrenches are commonly utilised in places where workspace is limited. This indicates there isn’t much area left to obtain a firm grip on the thing without destroying it. The jaw heads of offset wrenches are narrower. When the pipe is parallel to another object or the object is at an unusual angle, these wrenches are utilised.

3. End Pipe Wrenches

The jaw of an end pipe wrench is positioned at a small angle departure from the wrench. The jaws have teeth for a strong grasp. These wrenches are used on pipes closer to the wall.

4. Compound Leverage Wrenches

As the name implies, these wrenches provide more leverage when working on joints. Corrosion or deterioration might result in such joints. To release the joints, the force used is amplified.

5. Strap Pipe Wrenches

Strap pipe wrenches are used on plastic, plated, and irregularly sized pipes. They only have a strap attached and lack the traditional wrench heads. Because the strap is composed of rubber, it may be readily tightened.

The Venus Spare Chain With Link 4 inch is made using cast steel with a jaw size of 4 inches.

6. Chain Pipe Wrench

This type of wrench is used on extremely tight pipes in minimal areas. A chain pipe wrench is similar to strap wrenches, but instead of a strap, they have a chain. They are designed for heavy-duty applications.


This blog post outlines the right kind of pipe wrench for any plumbing project. If you are looking for a new pipe wrench, we hope that our guide above was helpful to you. Any of the six pipe wrenches mentioned on our list would be a great addition to your toolbox.

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