Types of Deep Freezer and How to Choose the Best

In our modern lifestyle where all members of a family need to go to work, saying no to frozen food is just impossible. Thus, a deep freezer becomes a necessity. The term ‘deep freezer’ is more close to the appliance’s capacity rather than the freezing temperatures. They offer more storage capacity compared to a typical refrigerator-freezer and are a better option when you require storing more frozen items for a longer duration.

Choosing the Best Deep Freezer

Types of Deep Freezers

Standalone deep freezers that are not attached to a refrigerator can be divided into the following three main categories.

  1. Upright Deep Freezers

These types of freezers are most convenient to use and are more suitable for homes. They don’t take up much space, can be moved easily, and come up with several compartments and dividers to help keep your food more organized.

Although these types of freezers may be more expensive than other models and also use a bit more energy, they are more convenient to use.

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Blue Star 300 liter deep freezer

2. Chest Freezers

These types are the most popular choice for the people, as they are cost-efficient, and consume less energy. Moreover, they offer the largest capacity of all three types of deep freezers.

They may be less convenient to use, as getting to the items stored at the bottom requires shifting of top items. But, they cost less, and offer a large capacity, while staying cold for a longer period at times of power cuts.

Blue Star 300 ltr Deep Freezer Double door CHFDD300D

3. Portable Freezers

They are smaller and don’t hold as much, but they offer a variety of other features that are not available in other types of freezers. Mostly used for transporting frozen foods from one place to another, portable freezers are a good option to keep food at a constant temperature. They are affordable, allowing you to take frozen food on the go and don’t need ice to keep your food cold.

Euronova EGT-150CGCB Curved Glass Top Deep Freezer 150Ltr

Some Most Common Freezer Models

For the convenience of the readers, we are sharing some most common models of deep freezers, to help them make a better choice.

Rockwell Deep Freezer – A Smart Green Freezer

Rockwell Green Deep Freezers are designed with the most advanced techniques to perform in extreme climatic conditions. Apart from the power-saving feature they are equipped with heavy-duty compressors and are also available with a convertible feature.

Rockwell Deep Freezers offer a maximum warranty with 10 years of warranty on its body and 5 years on the compressor. They are capable of retaining temperature for up to 10 hours without power, so you need not worry about long power cuts.

Rockwell 250 Ltr Glass Top Freezer SFR250GT

Blue Star Deep Freezer

Blue Star Deep Freezers are one of the most economical brands, providing an effective solution for the safe storage of perishable foods. They are designed with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, guaranteeing a long-lasting freshness to frozen food of all types. These freezers are known for their energy-saving innovations and are built to last long.

Blue Star 95Ltr Single Door Deep Freezer CHFSD100DHPW

Voltas Deep Freezer

Voltas, a product from Tata, is yet another most popular brand in India. Designed with a marvel of cutting-edge technology with a corrosion-resistant body, it offers low maintenance and optimum cooling standards. Voltas products are widely acknowledged in the consumer market as they meet all high-quality standards. Available in convertible and non-convertible modes, these deep freezers are manufactured with quality assured material.

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Factors to Consider While Buying a Deep Freezer

Apart from the cost, there are other several factors to consider while you shortlist a freezer for you.

  • Size and Usage: If you are buying a freezer for residential use then buy a smaller model, while for commercial usage buy it as per the capacity required. You have to determine in advance how much your freezer to hold to help narrow down your choice. Moreover, also consider the space it will occupy, and make that space available for keeping your freezer.
  • Energy Consumption: Deep freezers need to work constantly, and will use energy all around the clock. Choosing an energy-efficient freezer is a better option and will make a noticeable difference in your monthly electric bills. Look for an Energy Star qualified model to identify a freezer that uses less energy.

  • Noise Levels: Deep freezers make some noise, but some models are very much quieter than others. Manual type defrost models are quitter than self-defrosting types. Check that the noise level is comfortable and bearable for you.

  • Manual or Self-Defrost: When manual defrosting requires temporarily removing everything and waiting for the freezer to defrost, self-defrosting freezers save you from all these types of trouble. Although, self-defrosting models are costlier but offer more convenience.

  • Blackout Performance: Check how long a freezer will keep items cold when there is a power failure. A freezer with a good blackout performance is much more obvious a better choice. Chest freezers hold the best reputation for blackout performance, so consider these types in case there is a power shortage in your area.


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