Types of Asian Royal Paint Finishes

Whether your house needs a revamp or you’re building a new one, Asian Royal Paint is the perfect choice for wall paints, finishes and wallpapers. When you choose this paint, you’re choosing a product that’s been trusted in Indian homes and commercial projects for many decades. Using this paint, you can achieve a smooth finish making walls narrate a story.

If you are looking for something with a high level of class, these Royale finish paints may be ideal. Asian Paints is a renowned paint brand in several countries and has been famous for its exquisite and elegant finishes. Their meticulous process combines traditional styles with a modern set of beliefs and art. From the finest floors to the intricate screens and doors, Asian Paints covers the canvas of the Indian homes with layers of their Asian Royal Paint finishes.

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Here are a few types of finishes by Asian Paints:

Types of Asian Royal Paint Finishes
Various types of Royale emulsions will change the look of your home and give it that classy makeover you’ve been looking for.

1. Aspira Royale
The Royale Aspira is a gold standard for paints and is considered one of the world’s most technologically advanced interior paints. This finish is environmentally friendly, which makes it one of the most trusted and widely accepted finishes.

The paint provides effective performance and uses up to 20% recycled packaging, making it ideal for environmentally-friendly finishes. It can stretch 400 percent, making it very effective for hairline cracks because they will be covered quickly and your walls will have a perfect appearance for several years. This plain finish also does not allow water to seep through it. Water-resistance translates to an easy-to-clean, smooth, and long-lasting painted surface.

2. Royale Atmos
The Royale Atmos contains carbon-activated charcoal, which, when released into the air, makes the air smell good and absorbs pollutants, making it pure. Further, it absorbs odours such as cigarette smoke, rotten eggs, ammonia, and garlic, making the indoor air fresh to breathe. The ability of Royale Atmos to neutralise the indoor air pollutant formaldehyde was tested both internally and at a third-party lab.

This plain finish has a Teflon protector on its surface that prevents it from being damaged by hard stains and the like. It basically protects your walls from tough stains, increases durability, and strengthens the interior paint film. It protects your walls against the toughest household and water-based stains, making it comparable to the best interior emulsions in the world.

3. Royale Luxury Emulsion
Under the Asian Royal Paint range, this paint finish gives your walls a silky shine with a luxurious finish. The absence of harmful chemicals and low VOC standards result in a very low odour. This plain finish has a Teflon protector on its surface that prevents it from being damaged by hard stains and the like.

This plain finish has also benefited in healthy living and hygienic living because it contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula that virtually stops or helps to stop the growth of any bacteria or fungus on the walls, resulting in healthy walls. Because it is highly washable, you will have no trouble removing deep stains from the wall. Household stains can be easily removed from the walls.

4. Royale Shyne
The lustre and sparkle in your room will give it a look that speaks through its shine. The paint has a higher sheen and a smooth, luxurious finish. The unique feature of this finish is that it imparts a gleaming lustre on the home’s walls, making it feel more appealing and giving it a truly striking appearance. A smooth hi-sheen finish adds radiance to the walls, making your home more attractive.

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5. Royale Matte
If you want a matte look on your home’s walls and a super classy look, this Asian Royal Paint finish is for you. The smooth, elegant matte finish on the walls will say a lot about the quality of your home.
This paint has several characteristics. One of the most important is that this plain finish is extremely resistant to dirt. This is because DPUR technology contributes to high dirt resistance while also ensuring that the walls look new for a longer period of time. Also, it is burnish resistant, which prevents the finish from being destroyed by harsh rubs or wipes made over the surface of the walls. One example of the matte finish is the Asian Paints Ace. The Asian Paints Ace 20 litre price is approximately Rs 4,400.

So we’ve talked about different varieties of the Asian Royal Paint finishes. If you’re looking to give your home a Parisian look, or wanting to do something different with the walls of your house, then look no further! There are so many finishes available that can turn your home from ordinary to extraordinary. You may want something like Royale Aspira or Atmos or something shinier like the Royale Luxury emulsion or the Royale Shyne. No matter your preference, you can opt for a high-quality finish at Visit our website to know more about Asian Paints Royale price.

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