Tricks to Boost a Used Car Engine Power

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Most people think that only a luxury sports car engine like BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc., can generate good horsepower, but that’s far from the truth. In reality, you can modify any used car engine to boost its power output and enjoy all the horsepower you want.

Even if you don’t wish to go the modification route, you can get a well-performing used car engine and use the following effective measure to boost its power.


5 Ways to Boost a Used Car Engine’s Power 


  • Cold-Air Intake


The first and most known way of increasing horsepower is cold-air intake. Since cold air is denser, when you hike the air intake, more cold air goes into the cylinder, mixes with fuel, and results in more combustion. The result is an increase in horsepower of about 5 to 7 units for a typical engine. However, if you are certain that your engine is already breathing cool air, try one of the other tracks on this list.


  • Replacing the air filter

Next on our list of ways to improve engine power is to replace air the filter with a better one. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest tricks in the book. Since most air filters in cars are made of paper, they are good at keeping dirt and debris out, but they also restrict the airflow. It means you’re your engine doesn’t get enough air intake to offer the best performance.

You can get a performance air filter made of advanced, easily breathable material. It will instantly improve your engine power and won’t cost you a lot as well.


  • Cat-back exhaust

Changes in intake call for upgrades in the exhaust as well. If you’re increasing the air intake of your engine, it needs a better exhaust system as well to get rid of all that extra gas and work effectively.

An exhaust designed for high performance can help you achieve your horsepower goals while maintaining the efficiency of your engine. The most popular exhaust system for this purpose is the ‘cat-back’ exhaust system. It’s a bit pricey but will help your engine to breathe and rev more easily.


  • Upgrade Your Spark Plugs

Your car’s internal components like spark plugs could be hindering the power output due to wear & tear. If this turns out to be your issue, replace the faulty spark plugs with better functioning ones. Driving at high speed with damaged spark plugs is a risky endeavor that can lead to severe damage.


  • Invest in a forced induction system

When talking about a power boost, it’s hard to not mention a supercharger or turbocharger. You can introduce a forced induction system like a supercharger or turbocharger into the engine mechanism to enhance torque and horsepower. It will supply more air into the engine block and enable it to burn more fuel & yield more horsepower.



A lot of people crave more horsepower, but only a few know that you can simply search for a used engine for sale near me and get a powerful used engine for your vehicle. Along with that, there are a few tricks you can resort to for boosting the power of your engine. Refer to this article for 5 sure-fire ways of increasing the horsepower of your engine.

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