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This world is an amazing place to wander. Every single thing here is amazing and “good to observe” when you see through the magnifying glass of realization of the facts that are going around you. most of us are so busy in the busy life, making things better and earn more that we almost forget to rest in a calm place for a while and don’t even know that “WE” are not only species that are roving on this planet. There are so much amazing things going around us that will entertain your mind for a while if you are free enough to observe them by yourself. But sadly, its kind of impossible to sit for that long that you can see around everything going on earth. So I am helping you through this piece of writing so that you can have a little break from your regular boring life.

Animals are awesome entertainers; probably that’s why we prefer pets so much. They are cute, playful and an awesome mute company who will give you their time without demanding anything in return. Apart from some “unexpected” behavior, they are mostly the most innocent souls who will leave you amazed or smiling with their deeds. Here are some funny animal facts to amuse yourself a while.

funny faces

  1. The best couple award of nature goes to “Sea Otters”. They appear to hold hands while lying side by side on the water of the ocean so they don’t drift apart from each other in their “sweet dream sleep”.
  2. Very few of the humans have earned the honor as the Savior of Nature. But squirrels are doing that for hundreds of years. They are responsible for thousands of new trees every year as they simply forget that where they had hidden their acorns.
  3. Whales, Seahorses, Flamingos etc. tend to live their lives with a single partner. But Gentoo penguins have gone too far with their life mates. They propose the other half with a pebble which seems unique to them, searching for days on the shore.
  4. It has been seen that while playing around male puppies let the female puppies win, even if they are stronger than them and capable of winning.
  5. Unlike the rest of the world, turtles can breathe through their butts. Then, where do their farts go?! Never mind.
  6. We all know Japan is differently civilized than other countries. The process somehow refined the Macaques (monkey) living in there too. They use coins to buy themselves snacks from vending machines. Now don’t ask whom they work for to earn those coins!

They also play around while snowfalls making snowballs!

  1. Dolphins are always an amazing creature. They can communicate with each other maintaining a “certain” language, mimic human voice and always a helpful force working in favor of human. They also have different names for each of them!
  2. Though animals are not much concerned about personal hygiene, but Puffins stand different from others. They make a cute small home on cliff sides and set a room as their toilet.
  3. A study hilariously shows that, cows produce more milk when they listen to slow, melodious and soothing music. The fun part is they tend to produce the most when they listen to “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.
  4. Oysters are really good opportunists. They can change their gender according to what suits them most.
  5. Before hatching, chicks can communicate with their siblings and even their mother by a special sound system. I wonder what they talk about?! About life?
  6. There are some study results which show, goats from different areas, countries or continent sound different from each other. In short, goats have accents too!
  7. The best acquaintances of “Elephant Shrews” are actually elephants, not the Shrews! Its like, movies going on in real life!

Studies show, human can connect themselves with animals and can feel good or bad emotional reactions due to the brain part called amygdale. That is why animals are as important to the humans as they are also a connection through which human can find peace, happiness, joy or relief. In many countries animals are used as a great companion to treat human from trauma or other inabilities and been successful too.