Hong Kong surely is a unique place to visit. It’s a modern metropolis in every way, but somehow, it has managed to stay in touch with its traditional side as well. This contrast between modern and traditional and its fusion of East and West makes it an appealing destination for people all around the world. Hong Kong offers many activities that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world, so be sure to have your cameras ready. Here are a few of the must-see attractions and activities that will make your first visit to Hong Kong unforgettable.

Best Places To Visit

Clock Tower: The Hong Kong clock tower is a national monument and was built from 1913-1915. It stands 51m (167.3ft) which includes a 7m lightning rod at the top. Made of red bricks and granite, the clock tower is found near Victoria Station.

Beaches: Hong Kong has a good choice of beaches, and there is nothing better than kicking back on the beach on a hot day. Wherever you are on the coast or islands of Hong Kong you’ll find an awesome beach close. Don’t miss out.

Hiking/Walking: If you are the active type, you must choose a hike to take while on holiday. Take a look down from the award-winning urban hike of the Dragons Back or try the Peak Circle walk. If a more leisurely day is on the cards, you’ll find the many city parks just breathtaking.

Culture And Heritage: Hong Kong is steeped in cultural heritage, and you’ll be in awe of this ancient place. From Kung Fu and the world famous Bruce Lee to the temples and colorful festivals, you won’t be disappointed.

Theme Parks: From the ever-popular Disneyland to Ocean Park with thrill rides, aquarium, and Giant Pandas, you will find all the action and adventure you could wish for in Hong Kong.

Not an exhaustive list by any means, but a place to start to build your trip. Hong Kong will be a destination you’ll return to so you can fit in all it has to offer.

Relaxation And Local Cuisine

You can come alive in every way when visiting Hong Kong. Your senses will be assailed by the colors, sounds, traditional clothing, and magnificent food found in this fantastic place. Make sure you take the time to relax as well and take care of yourself because it may be said it isn’t a true holiday if you come home more tired than when you left.

Hong Kong has wonderful restaurants and street food that will keep you smiling and very full. Food is a huge part of the culture and the many traditional dishes, so be sure to try at least some the following: Beef Brisket, Snake Soup, Egg Tart, Hot Pot, Egg Waffles, Eel Claypot, Pork Neck.

The street markets will also offer an incredible amount of foods to buy and eat as you explore the stalls. It would be impossible to fit everything in your belly in one night, which is another perfect reason to make Hong Kong a destination many more times than one. You’ll love it.

You’ll be tired out by the end of it all and this is a perfect time to partake in the wonderful and peaceful things to do. Ever popular Hong Kong massage is a wonderful way to bring peace and balance into your life and you’ll find this and many other fabulous ways to take care of inner you in the beautiful spas available.

The best part is the subtropical climate means you can pretty much visit all year around. There may be a month or two that are less preferable, so be sure to inform yourself before planning a trip.