Brighton Uk is set for a playful Halloween as top Transgender DJ Jezebel (Adriana Bradford), announces new house music night.The British fashion icon and music producer who is famed for her cutting sound and style, claims Brighton is the best place to live in the Uk. She also claimed the nightlife has degenerated there due to a lack of subversive diverse clubbing which does not appeal to the masses. Brighton has recently become synonymous with drunk students and begging addicts behaving badly at night, and the DJ and fashion icon who recently moved there hopes to change this by offering an underground non-commercial experience.DJ Jezebel who is famous in the uk for her dark deep german house sound, also has her own record label and music production studio. Her london club night Transister,  was voted Londons most underground LGBT club night in 2016. Miss Bradford stated she found a whole new lease of life when she quite corporate media and became an underground DJ. “It was the wigs, she said, they just called me to the decks, and ive never looked back!”.  It is unknown to date whether Miss Bradford identifies as transgender or non binary, she winks and says that’s something she likes to keep her fans guessing at.
The new night , with the precautious moniker “SIN” is going ahead in Brighton’s most elusive adult venue Subline in the gay village. Unlike typical nights there this playground will be open to all gender identities and sexualities. DJ Jezebel stated that the LGBT scene in Brighton has become wrought with divisions and psuedo politics. Another famous club night from London which launched in the city recently was forced to close down by a group who have been dubbed the Brighton “Feminazi’s”, because of their relentless online bullying and scare tactics aimed at people who are opening LGBT club nights. The Brighton Feminazi brigade has recently attacked another sleazecore night called filth. The tensions in Brighton have become so badly recently that a major meeting was held with the editors of the gay press and the police, and the promoters of the London club night 1111 , who had received death threats from the feminist groups because they were not happy with a trans/gay/straight mixed night going ahead “on their turf”.
DJ Jezebel is going ahead with her new night called SIN, in order to try to build bridges in the community and provide a fun safe place for expression. DJ Lady Lola will be offering up her sounds also, Adriana Bradford wants to only hire female and trans DJ s for the night because she wants to create a place for a fierce feminine edgy sound to flourish in a very straight male-dominated industry.
Sin will be hosted by legendary door host and TV personality Bright Daffodil and is expected to be sublime in every way.
tickets are available online or pay on the door, dress to impress.
The Brighton feminazi brigade were unavailable for comment.