Greece happens to be the best sailing hub in the Mediterranean Sea, and sailing in the many spectacular islands of Greece can be one of the best experiences in a lifetime. There are thousands of islands in Greece and as a result, it can be a daunting task choosing the best islands to sail in this great country. However, there are dozens of amazing islands to choose from. And the following are the top 3 islands in Greece to sail to in 2018:


Time and again, Santorini has been voted as one of the best Greek islands due to many reasons. This is a truly charming island that draws millions of tourists from different parts of the world. First, the people of this great island are very friendly. This can be largely attributed to the fact that tourism is their major source of income. However, the locals’ friendly nature is indeed heartfelt and sincere. Besides, a majority of the population in Santorini speak good English making it absolutely easy to mingle with them.


If you’re a foodie, Santorini is your best sailing destination in 2018. In this island, there is a steady supply of fresh fish and seafood. The volcanic soils in Santorini support farming of various crops and that is why there has never been a shortage of sweet grapes, local fava beans, and other fresh local produce. Beyond food , this island has numerous vineyards for all the lovers of wine to enjoy.

The stunning island of Santorini offers an incredible array of well-preserved iconic ruins and historic sites to keep you occupied for the days you’ll spend there. From the Akrotiri archaeological site where you’ll learn about the city of Akrotiri , the ancient Thera which harbors the remnants from Roman, Byzantine, and Hellenistic periods.

The view of the hillside villages and the legendary sunsets can leave you impressed. If you love water sports, you can grab the opportunity and scuba dive or snorkel in the warm waters surrounding the island.


Being one of the most popular Greek Ionian islands , Corfu is a top sailing destination in the world. There are countless reasons to sail in Corfu in 2018; splendid beaches, silver green mountains, lush vegetation, wildlife, clean and crystal blue waters, and fine weather. The list is endless.


Aside from the the impeccable natural beauty, Corfu has a rich historical side to it. In Corfu, you get the chance to catch a glimpse of amazing monuments and UNESCO heritage sites such as Archaeological Site of Delphi or the breathtaking medieval town of Mystras, in the Peloponnese and Corfu Old Town.

Corfu provides some of the world’s most exquisite Mediterranean flavors. Lovers of Greek food will have a good time in Corfu. In this island, you’ll enjoy refreshing yogurts, salty olives, and fresh seafood, and traditional dishes .

The locals in the island of Corfu are very friendly, courteous and easy to get along with. The locals are used to living with people of diverse backgrounds hence they are naturally kind and hospitable to foreigners.


When it comes to food, Mykonos has has everything to please every mouth. Whether you love luxury cuisines or authentic Greek street food, you can easily find a suitable restaurant for you. Most restaurant in Mykonos serve Greek classics such as , pastitsio, moussaka , and gyros. You can as well find plenty of local foods such as kopanisti, and louza. Being an island, Mykonos has plenty of fresh seafood as well.


Famous for its rich historical background and culture, the island of Mykonos is brimming with Cycladic architecture, with monumental historical landmarks . Some of the famous archaeological sites include; archaeological site of Ftelia, and ,Kastro Panigiraki, archaeological site of Delos, and Thule Tomb. These are must visit sites where you’ll have the opportunity of learning about the ancient Greek civilization.

Other things you can enjoy in the island of Mykonos is the idyllic beaches, luxury accommodation, photo opportunities, endless shopping opportunities and much more.


There you have it. These are the top three islands in Greece to sail in 2018.