Top 8 Beer Styles Every Fan of Beer Should Know

Learn About The Most Popular Styles Of Beer

Are you an amateur at buying beer? Or do you love drinking beer but get confused with different styles? You would be amazed to know that there are more than 100 beer styles in the world. Most of them are ales followed by lagers. If you know about the most popular styles, it would be easier to order drinks with a liquor store in Somerville.  

If you are a huge fan of beers, this is the right place for you. This post takes you through the top popular styles. Apart from the basic styles, there are many subcategories. You would love to explore these styles and learn about them. This information will upgrade your knowledge of different kinds of beer. Also, you can talk with your zythophile friends at length. 

Which Are The Best Beer Styles America Loves Most

Walking into your local bar and struggling to understand the menu is a usual problem. It happens with many of us. Our online liquor shop gives you access to all the different beer varieties. Once you know these styles in detail, you will be buying beer with better confidence. 

IPA – Indian Pale Ale

Ales are generally stronger and darker beers with vigorous flavor profiles. IPAs are one of the most loved styles in America. Indian Pale Ales are loved for their complex flavors like bitter, earthy, citrusy, floral, fruity, and piney. They are stronger and hoppier compared to regular pale ales.  The most popular IPA styles are New England Style IPA and British IPA. Basically, IPAs were created to endure the transportation from England to India during the colonial era. IPAs are great to enjoy with fatty foods like cheese and red meat. Goose Island and Sierra Nevada are some of the popular IPAs.

Many styles emerged as the subcategories of IPAs. They are American Pale Ale, New England IPA, Belgian IPA, Imperial or Double IPA. You may also find Brut IPA and Rye IPA at the beer shop in Somerville. 

American Pale Ale or Pale Ale

It is said that American Pale Ale inspired the modern American movement of craft beer. American Pale Ales are golden to amber and are medium-bodied. They are moderately or highly hop flavored. Indeed very food-friendly, you can enjoy it with countless foods like cheese, fish, and chicken. APAs are also known as West Coast  Pale Ales. Zombie Dust is a popular pale ale. 


Lagers follow ales in the popularity index of the different styles. American lagers are the most popular lager in America. When it comes to beer, lagers are the first choice of first-timers. They are conditioned at cooler temperatures. The taste is malty and light making it a highly drinkable crisp beer. You can pair it with any food. The popular lagers are Coors, Yuengling, Budweiser, and Miller High Life. If you have just reached a drinkable age, lager is the best beer to start drinking. Lagers are mostly clean and made with consistent flavors.



Stouts are the darkest of all the beers. As they originated in the early 18th century, they were introduced as strong porters. 

There are various subcategories of stouts. 

  • Dry stouts

  • Milk stouts or Sweet stouts

  • American stout

  • Oatmeal stout

All the stouts are made using highly roasted malt rendering dark colors. Stouts are best to pair with roasts, stews, and desserts. American stout is the hoppiest one among all. Since now you know about stout, getting alcohol delivery in Somerville will be simpler.


Pilsners are basically a variation of pale ale. But it is highly flavorful compared to American pale ales. They are on the spicier side and feature a high floral taste. Hence they are very brilliant and refreshing. Bohemian or Czech Pilsners and German Pilsners are the popular varieties of Pilsners. Buy Stella Artois pilsner at our Somerville liquor store. 

Wheat Beers

You must have definitely heard about Belgian Wheat Beers. As obvious from the name, they are blended using wheat. The wheat brews are bubbly and the flavor is light. Depending upon their flavors and crispness, they are further categorized. There are German Wheat Beers, Belgian Wheat Beers, Lambic, and Gose. German wheat beers are using solid banana and clove flavors. While Belgian wheat beers use refreshing orange and coriander flavors. 

Amber Ales

Amber Ales is a kind of medium-bodied beer made with a caramelized profile. The taste of toffee and caramel is dominating. The alcohol content is around 5% in Amber ales. This goes well with grilled and barbecued food. 


Porters are very similar to stouts. While stouts use unmalted roasted malt or barley, porters use dark malted barley. Hence porters generally have dark brown to almost black color. They feature chocolate (unsweetened), caramel, and coffee flavors. Robust porters are the strongest ones. English brown porter has a lower ABV and less malt sweetness compared to the American Imperial Porters.

Apart from domestic craft beers, many domestic brands are popular among the boozers. At Sullivans SQ Liquors, our portfolio is rich with huge varieties of American craft beers. You will find lots of options at our online liquor store to buy beer of your choice. 

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