Safety has been a concern to most travellers. Before deciding to visit any city in the world, the most important thing to check is how safe you will be while there. Safety entails personal security, health security as well as digital security.

Personal security involves how secure you are from attacks while health security comes in handy when there is an emergency, and you need medical attention. All these factors are essential when deciding what city is safe for you.

With that in mind the following are the top five safest cities in the world:


This city has been ranked top safest city in the world rankings for three years running. This consistency says a lot about the level of security in this city. Ranked high in digital security, be sure that your online identity is safe while in Tokyo. There are minimal threats of software viruses and web insecurity. The health security of Tokyo is also intact. There is a lot of great hospitals that offer quality medical services to ensure the quality of life. A number of these health facilities provide their services in more than one international language. Terrorism threat in Tokyo is very low despite the fact that it is a worldwide challenge. The government has undertaken measures to curb terrorist activities in Tokyo.


Ranked the second safest city in the world, Singapore has rare cases of crime. You can even walk alone to your house at 3 am in the dark streets without fear of any kinds attack. The government has invested so much into security through the ministry of home affairs. Some of the inventions made to ensure safety include; Polcam 2.0 that aids the police get coverage of public areas and Dispatcher-assisted CPR to help people suffering from cardiac arrest. The roads in Singapore are one of the best, and there is a fast response team to attend to emergencies in case of accidents.

3.Hong Kong

Hong Kong is ranked top in health security, personal security and digital security. The city is remarkably safe with security officers patrolling the city both at night and during the day to ensure they attend to all security concerns. The proper lighting ensures there are minimal cases of insecurity. These lights make sure you can walk around the city at night without being mugged.

When it comes to health security, Hong Kong fares quite well. It has a good supply of tap water that is fundamental in keeping people safe from diseases. The people of Hong Kong have the luxury of going to various world-class health facilities that are in the city. These health centres provide good care including the Hong Kong traditional massage that is known to provide many health benefits. This kind of massage is also available in most spas in the city making the people of Hong Kong healthy.


The security at Osaka starts with the tight screening at the lines in the local airport before entering the city. These check-ups help in reducing insecurity and chances of terrorism by ensuring there are no chances of terrorists getting into the city. There are also very few cases of pickpocketing, so be sure your belongings are safe while walking around the city.


Toronto is a large city but has managed to maintain safety for both its residents and visitors. Toronto has always ranked best in personal security and digital security. From the fast police emergency responses, online safety to the world-class hospitals, Toronto has ensured there is safety for all its people. There are also well-lighted streets that make sure you are safe whatever time you decide to walk around.

There you have it; whether you are going for a holiday or you want to change residence and safety is your priority, you should consider the cities above.

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