Ankle boots are debatably one of the perfect boots to wear due to their easy design and versatile nature. They protect your feet from harmful weather conditions and keep them comfortable. There are different types of ankle boots and numerous ways of styling them. It is advisable to put on the style of boot that matches with the occasion. Since these boots exist in many different styles, you should carefully look at each of the styles and select one that suits your fashion preference. Here are some guidelines to help you choose best ankle boots and tips for combining them with the right clothes.


Types of ankle boots

Kitten Heel: These boots are roughly two inches high, and they have a thin heel. Since the heel is low and thin, they offer a perfect level of stability. They are also comfortable to walk in, and they are ideal for adding height.

Wedge Heels: They are a bit taller compared to kitten heels, but they are comfortable to walk in since the shoes’ front part and heel does not have a gap. The wedge maintains a high level of stability with the ground.

Chunky/block heels: Although they are less stable than wedges, chunky heeled boots are an ideal choice. They offer you heel a slightly big surface area and ensure the body pressure is evenly distributed on the entire boot.

Flat ankle boots: They are arguably the most relaxed boots. You can pair them with a wide range of outfits.

Open or Peep Toe: They add a touch of glamour to your clothes, especially when you fit them correctly. They are perfect for cooler seasons due to their ability to provide added warmth.

Lace-ups: These boots come in different styles – they can be peep toe or flat boots. The laces allow you to ensure the boot fits correctly on your feet. You can regulate the fit by loosening or tightening the laces.


Tips for combining ankle boots with the right clothes


1. Ankle boots with dress or skirt

When combining your boots with a skirt, make sure the length of the dress or skirt is either above the knee or at mid-thigh. That way, you will make your legs seem slim and trim.

2. Ankle boots with printed pants

There are different styles and designs of printed pants, such as floral, animal print, stripes, and tribal. Since these pants provide a busy appearance to the whole outfit, wearing them with an ankle boot enables the pants to be the outfit’s focal point. Opt for a simple top and solid colored booties to give your printed pants a balanced look.

3. Ankle boots with skinny jeans

A combination of skinny jeans and ankle boots is suitable for any season. You can make this look casually chick by putting on a simple shirt and a statement necklace. You can also make it more polished by wearing structured pieces such as tailored blazers.


Ankle boots are an important piece in the wardrobe of any woman. They are a popular footwear choice, especially during the winter and autumn months. There is a style to match every outfit, from stylish peep-toes, heeled, classic Chelsea boots, to wedge ankle boots.