If you intend to spend a holiday abroad, there are many of the best holiday destinations found in Europe. However, it can be expensive to spend a night or two in most of the major cities in Europe. The cost of air travel, accommodations and sightseeing can be overwhelming. But if you like to travel to Europe, there are three top destinations where international holiday packages are available. These packages can give you up to 50 percent savings compared to visiting without availing of any of them.


1. Croatia
Croatia is becoming increasingly famous among people of all ages and interests. The reasons behind such popularity lie mainly in the staggering variety of Croatia’s natural beauties such as the Adriatic coastline, beautiful national parks, ancient Roman ruins, UNESCO-protected lakes, rivers and many others. It appears that Croatia has something to offer for everyone, regardless of the age bracket, ethical or cultural background of an individual. While some tourists prefer to spend their vacations in the serenity and privacy of distant & exotic islands, others tend to pick the notorious wild-party hotspots like Zrce and Split. Croatia is often called »The Land of Thousand Islands«, which loudly speaks for its well-indented coastline with over 1100 beautifully preserved islands. The mild Mediterranean climate, along with crystal-clear sea, unspoiled nature and sunny weather make Croatia so attractive to people looking forward to a holiday tour.

There is an excellent way to book apartments in Croatia via the web, enabling the visitors to quickly and easily browse through thousands of accommodation facilities all over Croatia, along with their images and detailed descriptions. Croatia property can sometimes be unsaleable because of their joint ownership by members of large families – there are sometimes as many as 60 mutual owners, some of whom may have died since the registering of the property without leaving a will.

2. Italy
Italy has many world-renowned attractions which include the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Mount Vesuvius and the archaeological sites in the town of Pompeii, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Aquarium of Genoa and many others. Going north towards the Italian Alps you find the highest mountain peak called Mont Blanc Massif which has the fantastic Dolomite range as well. This side of the Alps also has the best weather. Travelling to Italy lets you see a wide variety of attractions, from natural attractions to ancient temples and archaeological sites. There are many types of holiday packages in Italy from which you can make a choice. They include packages for individuals, couples, and groups. You could also want a family holiday, adventure holiday, beach holiday and many other types of holiday tours.

3, France
Situated on the West of the European continent, France is a diverse country which again makes a great destinations no matter what your likes and dislikes are. Full of culture and historical past times, France has it all. Paris to the North of the country is the most significant, most visited city. To the South the scenery changes in a dramatic way as you head for the French Alps, famous for the winter sports and mountain activities and Chamonix been a household name, it is no wonder France is one of the most visited countries in the World.