Things to Consider While Buying Your First Welding Machine

Welding is a technique to join metals. You require a gas welding machine to repair or use metals as part of your job. Welding enables you to shape metals to create various products and is the most convenient method to join metal pieces.

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Welding machines generate intense and localized heat by creating an electric arc between the part to be welded and an electrode. The high temperature of the arc allows the edges of the weld to melt and fuse with a filler metal. This filler metal can be in the form of a rod or wire, depending on the welding required.

Types of Welding and How to Select the Right Gas Welding Machine

Types of Welding Machines

Welding machines can be categorized according to the welding procedure.

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

SMWA is a manual process of stick welding. Here an arc is generated with the help of an electric current, which flows between the sticks and finally blends the two metals. This procedure is preferable for industrial fabrication and while building steel structures. The metals that can be used in SMAW include cast iron, stainless steel, and steel.

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  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG)

During MIG (Metal Inert Gas), a solid wire with no flux is used, and the weld puddle is protected with the help of shielding gas. GMAW is an excellent procedure to produce good welds with minimal weld splatter. However, a direct power current source and supply of constant voltage are mandatory for GMAW welding. This process can be used for welding steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and silicon bronze.

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  • Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

FCAW involves using the flux inside the welding wire. This process is best when welding is required in windy conditions because, in the absence of shielding gas, winds can’t affect the welding process. FCAW

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  • Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding (GTAW / TIG)

GTAW welding is used mainly for the thick welding of steel and non-ferrous metals and is done with the help of a tungsten electrode. This process is highly cumbersome and time-consuming and is a less preferred welding method. Here we can weld copper, brass, titanium, and magnesium.

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Factors to Consider While Selecting the Right Welding Machine

There are various types of brands and models of gas welding machines available in the market. You can consider the below-mentioned points to help choose the best welding machine according to the nature of your job.

  • Type of Welding Material: Mostly, welding is performed on three main elements, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Carbon steel is a majorly used material as it is compatible with a majority of the welding machines. It also has the ability to handle excess heat applied to the metal.

If you need to weld stainless steel, a TIG welding machine is good as it does not need much strength compared to the power necessary for aluminum welding. When welding on aluminum is required, then more complex machines like MIG welding machines are the better choice.

As all the metals have different properties and require various welding strengths, it is best to access the metal first before finalizing a welding machine.

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  • Types of Compressed Gas: Different types of welding processes require different compressed gases, including Oxygen, Argon, and Carbon-di-Oxide. These are the most popular compressed gases used across several welding procedures. So, it becomes critical to analyze the compressed gas need and then choose a welding machine model.

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  • Welding Location: The welding location is equally important while finalizing a suitable welding machine. When welding indoors, you will probably have to work on a 220-240 volts AC current. Likewise, while welding at an outdoor location is required, you may need to work with AC or DC current as per the availability of the power supply. Therefore, always consider a commercial or domestic location while buying a gas welding machine.

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  • Specification of Welding Machine: Understand the specifications of the welding machine to determine the differences between one machines from another. For instance, you can consider how much continuous welding a machine can undergo in a span of a specific time period. When we exceed the required limit, the welding machine can heat up and can damage the device.

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  • Ideal Amperage Range: Current generation of a gas welding machine is also critical. When welding of thicker metals is required, more current is needed, and vice-versa. You have to look for the welding machines that provide the proper amount of heat for your welding job.

You need to pay attention to the thickness of the fixtures and the metals you will be working with. For example, welding aluminum is similar to welding a thinner metal, and a low-performance welding machine can very well solve the purpose. 

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  • Power Supply: All gas welding machines need two types of power supply AC and DC. While AC power is most common and readily available, but it is unsuitable for precision welding. MIG machines operate on a DC power supply that ensures a steady voltage range for an effective welding process.

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