Things to Consider While Buying Hand Trolley / Platform Trolley

Hand trollies are a versatile item and are not just related to work in a warehouse. These hand strollers are also good when moving house, relocating furniture and appliances, and are also convenient for various house and garden tasks. While you are looking for any kind of load shift, a hand trolley or a platform trolley can deliver you the best.

Hand Trolley Buying Guide

Hand trolleys are known by many names, like dolly, cart, hand truck, platform trolleybag barrow, etc. These are primarily L-shaped devices with wheels used for shifting large and heavy items. These can either be slid under a box or an appliance, then tilted the trolley for easy lifting of the object, or can have a simple platform with wheels for easy load shifting.

Types of Hand Trolleys

There are some basic types of hand trolleys for moving boxes, bins, crates, and other similar loads. Other specialized trolleys are designed to move furniture, appliances, and heavy items.

  • General Purpose Hand Trolleys : These feature two wheels with a vertical frame to help support the load while the trolley is in motion. It has a nose plate that slides under the pack and then tilts back to shift the load on its wheels. Further, it can be moved on wheels to shift the load from one place to another. This type of trolley is most beneficial for lifting boxes, crates, bins, equipment and raw material.

HANDY 150 Kg Capacity Hand Trolley TE-204

  • General Hand Trolleys : These can be folded to fit in small vehicles or small closets when not in use. They have a vertical frame to support the load when the trolley is tilted on its wheels and a nose plate that slides under the load to help lift it easily. This trolley is suitable for boxes, crates, bins, equipment, luggage, and similar items.

SK Engineering Portable Platform Hand Trolley SK-11

  • Furniture Trolleys: These types consist of two or four wheels and can handle heavier loads easily compared to standard hand trolleys. There are various types of designs and configurations available to make this suitable trolley equipment for multiple jobs. It is usually good to carry chairs, desks, tables, file cabinets, and other furniture types.

Monotaro Platform Trolley Folding Plastic Lightweight Rubber Wheels with Hand Stopper 42030276 – Made In Japan

  • Trolleys for Appliances: These are also two or four wheels type trolleys and are designed to handle heavier loads. It has a wide tall frame and a short wide nose plate that helps move large and heavy

    appliances. Some of these trolleys are even configured with stair climbers to ease upstairs or curbs. These trolleys can be used for carrying refrigerators, water dispensers, vending machines, and other large appliances.

Bigapple 600 Kg Capacity Heavy Weight King Folding Hand Trolley With 5 Wheels

  • Beverage Delivery Trolleys: These are lightweight trolleys made of an aluminum frame. It is used to move large water bottles, beverage cases, and other large beverage containers.

Nido ND-PHT-350 Platform Hand Truck (Material Steel)

  • Drum or Cylinder Trolleys are equipped with a strap, chain, or clamp to securely hold a round cylinder or drum. It is designed in a manner to keep the tanks securely during movement and to prevent dangerous falls when the trolley is moving. These are good for carrying gas cylinders and other drums.

Nido ND-PHT-250 Platform Hand Truck (Material Steel)

Things to Consider While Buying Hand Trolleys

  • Load Capacity: The first and foremost thing is to consider the load capacity required to be moved. Some trolleys are designed to carry heavier loads, while others can handle light loads. Determine how much load you intend to move, and choose the platform trolley accordingly.

HANDY 90 Kg Capacity Folded Hands Trolley TE-203

  • Height: Height is another factor to watch while shopping for a hand trolleyYou need to measure the height, which is the distance from the bottom lip to the top. Usually, trolleys are inches in height, but other even measures are more than inches. A short trolley will require you to bend over to push or pull it, while with a longer trolley, you may struggle to reach its handles.

Nido ND-PHT-1800 Platform Hand Truck (Material Steel)

  • Folding or Non-Folding: You can also find trolleys with folding or non-folding lips. A non-folding lip is most common, consisting of a fixed piece of flat metal that extends from the frame at the bottom. Folding-lip hand trolleys are suitable for small spaces as these can be folded when not in use.

Bigapple 100 Kg Capacity Platform Hand Trolley PH150P

  • Climbing Trolleys : Some trolleys are designed to use them over stairs. These hand trolleys have extra wheels in place of two regular wheels at the bottom. The spare wheel design allows these trolleys to climb stairs easily.

Stanley FT582 90 Kg Capacity Pallet Truck

  • Material: Hand trolleys are mostly made of metal and are available in different metal types. At the same time, some trolleys are made of plastic. Aluminum is a common metal used for making trolleys, as it is lightweight and inexpensive. Some trolleys are also made from steel, which can be heavier but are more durable.

Suwas Material Handling Trolley 400 Kg Loading Capacity 1000x600x1200 SU-MHT-007


Hand Trolleys are made of high-quality, sturdy material that has no sharp edges and is convenient to use. Platform trolleys are available in various weight segments ranging from 25 kg to 2000 kg. It would help if you determined your unique need when you want to buy a trolley. Reputed sellers like Industry Buying offer a quality product that last long and enhances your working experience. Moreover, there is a range of hand trolleys and platform trolleys at Industry Buying, and you can find one of the best options at wholesale price here.

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