Things to Consider While Buying a Pedestal Fan

Stand Fans, also commonly known as Pedestal Fans, are a good substitute for ceiling fans. They are better options when space is short or when a handy fan is needed outdoors. These fans blow air in a specific direction, making them more convenient for personal use. Stand fans can be used to circulate a cool breeze around your home, making you cozy.

A majority of stand fans are available in the market with multiple speed settings so that you can adjust their speed according to your requirement. High-quality pedestal fans come with a silent operation feature, thus making them soundless and less bothering. The most significant advantage these fans offer is portability. They are light in weight and require just a power point to operate. No need for installation; pedestal fans are easy to handle and simple to use.

Benefits of Pedestal Fans and Tips for Buying

Benefits of Stand Fans

Pedestal fans have gained more popularity in recent times due to their ease and convenience. The three main benefits of stand fans are:

• Easy to Move: Pedestal fans are lightweight and portable. You can move them as per your requirement, unlike a ceiling fan. Just plug them in a power socket, and they are ready to serve you. Think that you want to enjoy a cup of coffee on your balcony. You just need to carry your stand fan there, plug it and start enjoying your coffee along with a gentle breeze.

Bajaj Dominus 350mm Pedestal Fan 251262

• Multifunctional: Stand fans are multifunctional and can be used indoors or outdoors. These brilliant pieces of technology consume less energy and are economical to use. They can be shifted from one place to another without any problem to help provide you with a gush of air at a location of your liking.

Almonard High Speed Pedestal Fan Dia 16 Inch Size 400 mm(Super Wind)

• Advanced Pedestal Fans: New age stand fans are loaded with additional features like a remote control. This feature enables you to control the speed of your fan while sitting in one place. Pedestal fans are also available with height adjustment so that they can be adjusted according to your preference.

Havells Sprint Hi-Speed 110 W 3 blade Pedestal Fan FHSSPHSWHT18

Tips to Consider While Buying a Stand Fan

There are specific tips to follow when you want to have a fast oscillating, portable fan to cool down your space.

• Air Delivery

Stand fans are designed to provide robust air. Delivery of air is measured in Cubic per Meter (CMM). Consider choosing a fan with CMM as per your need. For example, a Farrata pedestal fan is used for large spaces and can cover 3,000 CMM. But, for indoor or household purposes, consider buying a stand fan with 60-100 CMM.

Havells Sprint LED 50 W 3 blade Wine Red Pedestal Fan FHSSPSTWRD16

• Speed

A fan works at variable speeds to provide you with the required amount of air. The speed of a pedestal fan is measured by Rotation per Minute (RPM). The faster a fan spins more air it will deliver. Usually, you can find two types of stand fans in the market, normal speed or a high-speed fan. A fan with 1300 RPM is considered normal, while a fan with around 2100 RPM is considered High-Speed. You should consider a fan between 1300-1400 RPM for indoor purposes.

Havells FHACPSTSCL18 Turboforce 1440 rpm Pedestal Fan

• Durability

Look for a more durable stand fan. Basically, the material of a fan decides its durability. A pedestal fan can be of plastic or metal. Plastic fans are lighter, and hence they are easy to carry from one place to another, but they may be less durable when compared with metal fans. You can consider the hours of usage and the ease of maintenance while narrowing down your fan choice.

Almonard Air Circulator Pedestal Fan Dia 30 Inch Size 750 mm

• Size

Another essential factor to consider while buying a pedestal fan is the space it will occupy. The sweep size and height of the stand fan should comfortably fit in the space you intend to place it. Moreover, also consider the size of your room. A bigger room will need a fan that can cover more area, and vice-versa.

Almonard Air Circulator Pedestal Fan Dia 18 Inch Size 450 mm

• Noise

The fans that are heavy and provide more output may tend to make some noise. You have to choose between performance and the silent factor. While buying a fan, you can test it on multiple speed modes and check the level of sound they create. Many advanced fans are equipped with silent technology and are also a good option for nighttime.

Remi 300 mm Pedestal Fan 14 W (Dc Solar Fan)

• Convenience

Pedestal fans are a form of generic household appliance and are bought once in a lifetime. So, you should choose a fan with more convenient features and more innovative technology. For example, there are stand fans available in the market with remote control functions. Or you can choose high-performance fans with silent technology. Choose a fan according to your convenience.

Almonard 16 Inch 110W Superwind Black High Speed Pedestal Fan

• Affordability

Affordability is yet another essential factor to consider. Compare the prices of different models, and also compare the features they offer. A pedestal fan may sound costly, but its portability and features can be a worthy investment.

Bajaj Nuvo 400mm Plum Purple Pedestal Fan 251269

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