Things to Check before Buying a Water Storage Plastic Tank

Water is an essential resource and a fundamental need in our lives. Drinking water is a crucial element, and a continuous water supply is what we have to ensure for our daily activities. Municipalities often fail to supply water round the clock, so we must invest in a water storage tank like Syntex water tanks.

A water storage tank is essential for our homes, factories, industries, commercial places, office buildings, and other places where we need an adequate water supply. Typically, a water storage tank collects and stores water for later use. Overhead tanks have become a critical feature for most residential buildings, as they ensure 24 hours water supply.

Drinking water is good to store in plastic tanks, like Syntex water tanks, as they are made of food-grade polyethylene and shielded with ultraviolet (UV) filters. Compared with steel or concrete water tanks, Syntex water tanks are lightweight, cheaper, easy to maintain, and simple to install. Also known as PETE water tanks, they are far better in budget and safety than tanks made of other materials like concrete or metal.

Sintex Reno 500 L Water Tank WSCC-0050-01-RENO-BLACK

Tips to Choose a Water Tank, and Dos and Don’ts for Tanks at Home

Must-Have Features for a Water Storage Tank

Below are some essential features for buying a good water storage tank.

• Light Block Technology: If you want to keep your water tank free from algae, look up a tank with light blocking technology. Algae need light to grow, and the algae-resistant tanks help keep the sunlight out, ensuring pure water.

• Strong Design: A roof design must be robust to eliminate collapsing in the intense heat of the Indian summers. The beefed-up roof structures that are molded-in-truss-like supports ensure a stronger roof design.

• Ribbed Walls: Ribs around the Syntex water tanks act like safety belts and maintain the tank in a round shape. They also reduce the bulging of heavy water tanks.

• Warranty: Know the length of warranty the tank manufacturer claims. Usually, water tanks bear a guarantee of 5 to 10 years. 

• Compound Coloring Process: Ensure that the plastic tank is mixed with high-density polyethylene with a high-pressure extrusion process. This process provides the optimum color distribution and allows even light-colored water tanks to stop light penetration.

• UV-Protect Exterior: Plastic tanks with UV-resistant material prevent sun-rays from breaking down the tank side walls.

• Flat-Spot Dormer: Good plastic tanks like Syntex water tanks are built with extra heavy-duty spots for plumbing and additional tank fittings.

Section 200 Ltr 3 layer LLDPE Water Tank SCCWS 200-01 TW

Dos and Don’ts for Water Tanks at Home

Water tanks for homes are mostly placed over the rooftop. This is popular as it is a cost-effective measure and easy to install. Moreover, water tanks above the ground can be easily checked for leakage and are easier to access. Water from the overhead tank can be easily distributed with a sound pressure due to the gravitational force. Some important dos and don’ts while installing an overhead Syntex water tank are:

• Try to use different Syntex water tanks for different purposes. You can use the same tank for drinking and cooking, but consider installing a separate water tank for toilets and bathrooms. Also avoid using the same outlet pipes for the kitchen and bathroom.

• Ensure cleaning the water tank regularly. The tank should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. This helps avoid water contamination and a freshwater supply.

• Ensure to keep the water pipes clean and never choked. If found leakage, get them repaired immediately.

• The water tank should always be kept closed to prevent impurities and waste from entering.

• Scrub the tank from the inside while cleaning to remove dirt and sediments. You can also use chlorine or liquid detergent to kill germs and remove deposits from the inside of a water tank. However, after cleaning the tank, leave the tap running for some time to wash away the dirty water.

• You can also consider taking the services of a professional tank cleaner who can do high-pressure cleaning, vacuum cleaning, anti-bacterial spray, etc., and ensure the tank is thoroughly clean.

Sintex 300 Litre Double Lid White Loft Water Tank

Tips to Consider Before Buying Syntex Water Tank

Look for the below-mentioned points to help you buy the best water storage tank for your use.

• Capacity: This is the primary requirement to access the storage capacity of a tank. This depends on the number of people using water for different needs, including drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. Usually, a family of four requires water storage of 500 ltr daily, while bigger families can opt for a tank of 1000 ltr.

Water Tank 500 ltr price ranges from Rs. 4,160 to 5,655

Water Tank 1000 ltr price ranges from Rs. 7,500 to 8,700

• Color: Color is an important component to watch while buying a plastic water tank. Black color is most desirable as it prevents light from entering inside the tank, thus preventing algae formation.  

• Layers: Tanks are available in multiple layers, where each layer serves a different purpose to protect the tank from the adverse effects of the different climatic conditions.

• Installation: Placement of water tank affects water pressure. Overhead tanks are suitable for daily water supply, while underground tanks accommodate emergency water storage.

Astral Pipes Vito 500L Assorted 3 Layer Anti-Viral Copper Shield Water Storage Tank M832302


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