People who are constantly late at their work every day have some certain looong stories behind their being late at work or class or wherever they need to be on time! Some days the reasons are just excuses, the other day those happen to them for real (specially the very next day after showing some “reason” as excuse). There can be thousands of incidents which can make someone incredibly late for work and sometimes you might unbelief your own fate that its doing such things in an accurate moment when you are in a rush.

Its impossible to write down “Thousand Shades of Reason for Being Late”, but I promise I will write all of them down someday. Here are some humorous incidents written below that actually need to happen when you are getting late or will get late or already late!

sleeping girl

  1. Let’s start from the very beginning. Apart from those legend who are “no matter what morning persons”, starting the day early in the morning is the first reason which can slow you down. On the top of it, if you are a good enough “afternoon person”, you may lose the track of your 15 alarms that you had set and finally wake up just 20 minutes before the due time to start.
  2. Starting from your sweet home after spending extra 10 minutes off schedule when you finally hit the ground floor or the road, you will realize you left something crucial at your home or left the stove running or can’t really recall whether you have locked your door or not.
  3. The road may seem like a desert when you are dying for a taxi or bus. Even if you get one they will agree to take you to even hell but the place where you exactly want to go. Finally after all these when you finally get one, the traffic signals will freeze for a while for no good reason.
  4. Then, to avoid the night long signals your kind hearted cab driver takes another route, obviously without your consent, which will be packed up with traffic or they will get caught by the “over active” traffic police.
  5. Then there are some international “being late” things that can happen on the very lucky day. For example, your taxi will not start after an unnecessarily huge pause in any signal. And yes, how can I forget the tire? Punctured of course! Ugh!
  6. You auto/ cab driver still has something to make your day doomed. He will get into a brawl with other driver or passersby on a critical matter like staring at each other!
  7. If you are lucky enough to travel by metro or local train, it will even stop in footpaths along will the stations when its already 20 minutes late from schedule.
  8. After these dramatic road scenes when you finally reach the bottom of your office building, the queue in front of the elevator may seem like someone is serving free pizza per ride. Even the person who needs to get to the first floor will have to stand in there, making the line almost hit the road! Oh, come on!
  9. Finally when you are at your office, no one will really believe the breathe taking incidents what made you late as you seem to be chronic late comer by almost one and a half hour everyday! You may also manage to have the “instant BBQ” look by your boss.
  10. And the next day, you are late again! Once you have it, the “late comer” title will never leave you alone!