Business and Entrepreneurs are connected to each other in such a way that whenever we heard about a business no matter if it’s a successful one or failed we think that it’s because of the entrepreneurs. Today we are going to tell you about some successful and failed businesses and the entrepreneurs-


  • Can you imagine that Bill Gates was once an unsuccessful entrepreneur? Well, he was indeed. He was a co-owner of a failed business company Tarf-O-Data. The objective was to read the raw data from roadway traffic counters and create reports for traffic engineers. The machine somehow didn’t work when they tried to present it. And the company eventually failed when the State of Washington started to provide free traffic processing services.
  • Funbug was a gaming and marketing company that gave users chances to win cash prices. It started in 1999 and accumulated more than 3.9 million dollars but then was shut down. But then Nick Woodman came up with the idea of GoPro.
  • Richard Branson started his entrepreneurial career in 1966. He started to breed and sell budgerigars but it was a failure. Then he started to grow and sell Christmas trees. But sadly it was a failure too. And then he became a successful entrepreneur of Virgin Group.
  • In the late 1890s Henry Ford started Detroit Automobile Company. He was backed by prominent Businessman William H. Murphy. The prototype presented by Henri had too many flaws. Although he tried for over 1 year the company closed in 1901 by the investors.
  • Sir James Dyson spent 15 years to make vacuum cleaner and made more than 5,127 vacuum prototypes before launching his product. But it was a failure in UK though he was able to sell some in Japan. Then he revolutionized with bag-less vacuum.
  • At first Henry J. Heinz started his business by selling horseradish which was very popular during the late 1800s. But unfortunately during the Panic of 1873 he was forced to file bankruptcy as he was not able to pay his creditors anymore. And now, Heinz is most American’s favorite ketchup.
  • Laugh-O-Gram Films Inc. was the very first company that Walt Disney created when he was 20 years old. But the company had almost no capital to start their first project which eventually led them to close the company. Now Walt Disney Company is the biggest of them all.


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  • Colonel Harland Sanders is known as the king of fried chicken. But before he became the king of fried chicken he worked as a ferry boat entrepreneur, a tire salesman and a gas station operator. Then he somehow found a way to run natural gas lamps on gas from carbide. But the business quickly failed.
  • An electric rice cooker which merely had any interlocking aluminum electrodes and connected at the bottom of a wooden tub is not something that we think of when we talk about rice cookers. But before Sony was introduced Akio Morita and his partner Masaru Ibuka attempted to sell something like this which burned more rice than it cooked. It failed selling less than 100 units.
  • Odeo was a podcasting company introduced by Evan Williams. But when the members of Odeo began to focus more on making of Twitter William had to close the door of the company.
  • Apple Lisa is one of the most notable failure of Steve Jobs. It was to offer a graphical user interface for individual business users. Though it was an achievement for Apple but the sales was not up to the mark and the project failed.