Human are the most amazing creation of nature. And then we have our friends in other than human forms, namely – animals. No, don’t freak out, allow me to explain. This might be the next big thing you had been waiting for last few decades if no less. This is the “Theory of Marriage – Living with Pets”. If you still don’t get the point, don’t lose hope, I see you have been in a bad marriage for some time now. Here’s what my marriage has come up to:

Last week, just like any other week actually, I was sitting in the backyard and talking to my pets – Lily and Hino. Lily, as of course the name suggests, is a nice Scottish and in love with my big hound, Hino. Lily came to our family when in her 17th day. My friend had gifted me with this amazing creature on one of my birthdays. I had Hino with me for a year by then. Hino was picked up from an online pet-shop and was named by my wife, Kristen.


See my problem, even before getting you introduced to my wife, I started talking about my pets. Yes, this, is marriage – my marriage. I was married to Kristen 5 years ago. Kristen and I met in a friend’s party. She was a friend of friend and the rest is no mystery to solve. Once you are done imagining us sitting together, getting boozed and calling at random just to say hi and bye, let’s move to what happened later. “I do”, is the word that came along. Kristen and I were deeply in love and were having good times together. Then came Hino.


Hino loves to be taken care of. With his arrival, I found another mate and trust me, he is a soul-mate if I’m not wrong, not mine though. He’s my Lily’s soul mate. Hino and Lily keep doing all the stupid acts of love all day long and they kind of show it off in my presence. So, whenever I’m home, I spend time with these bugs and find it quite relaxing. They know my mood, they listen to me, they let me chill out whenever I want and lick me with their heart out!


So, what to do when they are upset or even mad at you? They want your attention. They want to be seen, heard, and felt. And what do I do? I find out where they are hiding, hold them tight, kiss them hard and feed them well. Even if they are not hungry, I get them the best I can and yes, they eat. Animals are love!

Lately, I have discovered, I had been following the same rules for my wife till now. I do just the same in case I do it with Lily and Hino. And have realized, Hino doing the same For Lily as well!