The Importance of a Thermostatic Shower Mixer Ft. Jaquar Mixer

Thermostatic shower mixers are truly a boon to showering experience. They provide more control over water temperature and consistency, which is great for anyone who wants to save water and save energy. They are also helpful for those who have arthritis or similar conditions. A thermostatic shower mixer like the Jaquar mixer is designed to regulate the water pressure and temperature with a simple turn of the dial. You no longer have to worry about cold water shocks in the morning. You can even adjust the water to best suit the needs of smaller children, the elderly, and those who have special skin conditions.

Suppose you have a traditional shower in your bathroom. In that case, you probably stand outside the shower and check the temperature with your hand until the water temperature is just right to avoid scalding. During the winter, you also avoid stepping into the water because it is cold, resulting in a lot of water waste. While this may appear to be a minor issue, studies show that the average person wastes 30 gallons of water per day. A thermostatic shower mixer helps you save water and protects the environment simultaneously.

There is a risk of sudden temperature fluctuations in bathrooms without thermostatic shower mixers. Many times, especially in new places like hotels or a friend’s house, someone accidentally turns on the hot water knob of the shower, resulting in scalding. While these incidents are potentially dangerous, scalding, tripping, and slipping can all occur if you are caught off guard when the water temperature rises. However, few people are aware of a simple anti-scalding device – a hot and cold water mixer or a thermostatic shower mixer such as the Jaquar mixer – that can prevent such situations.

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Use a Jaquar Mixer to Avoid Temperature Fluctuations

An anti-scalding valve, such as a thermostatic valve or hot and cold water, is included in the ideal shower in your personal healing station. They make sure you have a safe, consistent, and comfortable showering experience with no boiling water burns even when the water pressure is high. A thermostatic valve is useful in both the summer and the winter because it allows you to set the ideal temperature. A constant temperature of 38 degrees centigrade is obtained. It ensures that the water temperature remains consistent throughout your shower, even if the pressure drops suddenly. They run on low water pressure and have a child lock that prevents children from accidentally raising the temperature. The maximum temperature in showers should be set to protect children and the elderly at home to avoid any accidents.

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What exactly is a thermostatic water mixer, and how does it function?
A thermostatic valve, as previously stated, is a hot and cold water mixer. Within the mixing valve, there is a setup that contracts and expands in response to water temperature and pressure changes. If the flow of hot water increases, the setup within the mixing valve expands, allowing a side valve to open, allowing some cold water to flow through to compensate for the temperature change. If the water temperatures are reversed, the same process will take place. If the cold water fails completely, the mixing valve will fully expand, completely blocking the hot water and preventing scalding.

What are the Benefits of Jaquar Mixer?
Investing in a thermostatic bath mixer is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to improve your showering experience. Here are a few benefits of a thermostatic bath mixer:

1. Safety

A shower with a hot and cold water mixer for temperature control eliminates the risk of scalding or boiling water burn from a sudden increase in temperature and unexpected shocks if the temperature drops. The water flow will automatically shut off if the water temperature rises or falls above or below your desired pre-selected water temperature. It’s especially beneficial for families with elderly and children.

2. Convenience

If you’re in the shower and want to stop the water from shampooing your hair, a thermostatically controlled valve means you don’t have to leave the shower running to maintain the same temperature. To save water, turn it off and then turn it back on at the same temperature.

3. Economy

Water wastage is reduced when you use a thermostatic shower mixer such as a Jaquar Mixer. You don’t have to wait for the water to warm up before adjusting the temperature. Similarly, you don’t have to keep the shower running while you’re washing because you’re afraid the same temperature won’t be reached once it’s turned off.

The Jaquar mixer makes for a great addition to any bathroom. Even though shower mixers have been around for a while, thermostatic shower mixers have only become popular within the past few years. They’re vital to the well-being of your family and take only minutes to install. These mixers help you save money and avoid the dangers of burns and scalding. They prevent wasting water and ensure a pleasant shower every time. Thermostatic shower mixers are the best investment you can make for your home.

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