Promoting an online business can be done in many different ways. Normally website owners focus on promoting their businesses on online platforms like social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…) and blogs. Many websites owners also buy online ads in order to push their brands, for example Google ads. While promoting your website this way makes sense, it is not necessarily the only way to push your brand to your customers.

Recent research has shown that traditional platforms like local directories have a huge bearing in pushing your brand to the last mile. Directories seem to be long forgotten platforms, especially for online businesses, but studies have proven that they should not be completely disregarded. As a businessperson, it is in your best interest to keep all options open when business matters are concerned.

Why Local Directories Still Matter

Even after the digital revolution, relevance is yet to be lost on traditional information avenues. Local directories will continue to be a vital part of successful marketing efforts because people rarely drop habits. Directories are also, unfortunately, the only viable means of spreading information about local businesses in some far-flung areas, for example The fact that in some instances directories are the only suitable option for specific strategic quarters makes a strong case for them.

Local directories remain the most convenient platforms to all members of the society. They are available to all as there are no barriers to access. In cases where other digital solutions fail, these platforms are always a reliable backup. A good balance between both conventional and modern solutions can only do good things for a business.

Getting It Right with the Local Listings

According to a report by Reviewtrackers, local directories contribute up to 35% of all local searches. The same report affirms that 53% of those who search and find businesses locally also visit the premises to make a purchase within 48 hours. Whether your business appears in the digital or offline platforms, therefore, you can be assured of more traffic when you are listed locally. In order to ensure the effectiveness of your business listings, correct and proper business information must be provided in the listings.

Local directory listings also contribute a lot to organic SEO. Search engines like Google have increasingly become smarter to the extent where only genuine businesses are ranked accordingly. Having your website listed in the directories, therefore, translates to recognition by the search engines. This recognition results in a higher rank in the local search results and ultimately increases traffic for your business.

Your Credibility Also Matters

Finally, it is important to do the core groundwork that raises the credibility of your business. There is no better way of selling your brand than ensuring a great visual outlook. Your website, logos, social media presence and other small but vital aspects of your business should be carefully considered. Your audience can certainly be your greatest ally in terms of brand presence.
If you can manage to garner great reviews from your customers, then you can be assured of better success online.

To sum up, a strategic use of local directories alongside other forms of business promotion can push your business to greater heights.