Paper is still very important whether you are in the office or at home. It might take quite a while to get our offices paperless. In the meantime, we will still continue to use printers to produce important material. Printers have become quite affordable in recent times. In addition, almost all modern printers now come with a wide range of connectivity options, support features, and other important printing features. Modern printers are the true definition of convenience and efficiency. If you are looking for some good budget printers in 2017, here are some models you might need to check out.

Canon Pixma MG6820

This all-in-one printer comes with great photo printing capability. It has the capability to scan and produce copies as well. The printer has several input options including memory card slots. Wireless features are also available and the integrated Wi-Fi features are great for fast printing. The speed of the machine is also commendable as it prints all kinds of documents quite fast. Photo printing is particularly fast and this machine is among the best budget printers for producing photos. Mobile printing capability is also included with this printer and you can print from the cloud through the printer’s app. The paper capacity for the printer is just sufficient for home use and typical for a printer of its caliber. The printer may not have Ethernet capability but the wireless features compensate for that and make it a great budget printer.

HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless

The HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless is a quality budget printer that packs some valuable features. To start off, the printer has an auto-duplexer for printing paper on both sides. In addition, it has wireless features like Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. This printer also has a fax included in the system as well as an automatic document feeder. The printer is also multi-function, being able to print, scan and make copies. There is a touch display included for easy use. While this printer is not as speedy as some of its rivals in the market, it packs impressive features that you will not find in other printers in its range. This printer definitely packs all the features needed for an office printer and considering that its price is pocket-friendly, it is indeed a rare gem in this market segment.

Epson Expression Home XP-430

This printer is an upgrade of the previous Expression models by Epson. It comes with some handy features for home and office use and still manages to keep the price low. The printer has a compact lightweight build that is just enough to accommodate the essentials. The printer can be able to scan and make copies of documents in addition to printing. Some of the key connectivity features include Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi direct. There is a paper feeder at the top of the printer that can accommodate a substantial number of papers. In terms of printing quality, it is capable of producing excellent text-based prints. While it does not have an auto-duplexer, it is quite fast for a budget printer. Photo quality is also remarkable as it is an inkjet printer. With quick editing and sharing features being included in the printer, it is definitely a great budget choice. And if you use Orink toners and ink you can push your savings even further.

Printer market is always expanding and the models with new features are developed every day. But still, when purchasing a new printer it always comes down to pure basics and ease of use. With that in mind, it always the best choice to browse the reviews and user experiences when deciding on a model that you’ll hopefully use for the years to come.