All we are trying is to be healthy. That may be physically healthy, mentally healthy or financially healthy. But have you ever paid attention how much effort you are paying to be literally healthy? Whatever you are making your goal, the ultimate health comes along holding the hands of your food you are having a number of times a day. What you are eating or drinking is where all the “good health” secrets are lying into.


While rushing through the super busy life we almost forget to care about the nutrient values of foods we are eating. Everyone has got a specific routine menu in which they confine their meals. We eat almost same category foods every once in a while. No doubt they are healthy, but there are times when you lose track or it becomes hard. You won’t think about healthy food while hanging out with friends or in a party or coming home being horribly tired and hungry or sometimes you just don’t care! When all these neglects peak into our meals, you never know how much risks you are allowing to cause chronic health issues to affect you in near future.

green spinach leaves

Organic foods are the best possible solution to ensure the best for your health. Many of us think having organic foods are expensive or it needs too much shopping or just boring and dull. But if you look beyond these excuses, cooking foods organically can have benefits which regular foods can barely provide you. Organic foods are pure, have less pesticide and are high in healthy antioxidants. It also tastes better and more intense than the regular produce.  You may think that you are going to be bankrupted soon if you go organic. Don’t lose hope; you don’t really go full organic! You just need to pay attention to the foods you are eating. To make you task a bit easier the Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested thousands of produce to figure out the amount of harmful pesticides used in produce under general conditions. They came up with two different lists called “Clean Fifteen”, having least pesticides and “The Dirty Dozen” having the most pesticides. Both lists have contents which you see in normal super shops and may be you buy few of them regularly. You just have to arm yourself with these lists and be a bit more attentive when you are shopping. You will find them below this article.

red peaches

Going totally organic is not really easy task to do. Yes, some are obviously expensive but there are less costly supplementary too which are partially organic. You have to stick to your determination and eat healthy or semi-healthy foods, that’s all. Another thing which most people find difficult is that to get acquainted with the taste of the healthy, obviously organic, foods. Well, if you are a big fan of junk foods and carbonated drinks you will certainly feel like you are chewing grasses! Don’t switch all the items on your menu from non-organic to organic. Replace them one by one and its okay to take time. But if you continue to have unhealthy foods, some day it will take a heavy toll on your life which really doesn’t worth it. Besides all the super good health issues, organic foods are good for our beloved planet too. The fewer chemicals are spread in the environment the healthier and livable it becomes.


Clean Fifteen: cauliflower, honeydew melon, eggplant, grapefruit, kiwi, avocado, pineapples, sweet corn, cabbage, onions, mangoes, asparagus, cantaloupe, sweet peas (frozen), and papayas.

The Dirty Dozen: celery, sweet bell peppers, strawberries, spinach, peaches, apples, tomatoes, cherries, nectarines and cherries.