Sports is not only a mode of exercise or game. Sport accompanies values and spirit that keeps the players alive on the ground without any fear of losing or winning the title. Be it baseball or basketball or Derby, sportsmen have their values attached to each game played. Sports have been facilitating social welfare for long and this time, it reached another level. The latest news in this regard are combined below.


Go, Get the Shark, Phelps!

Michael Phelps is about to compete a White shark(no tag, the fish-monster meant) this season. Phelps, who has bagged 23 golds in Olympics and 39 World records has had his training accomplished against the human race. The race is now against the living monstrous demonstration in the water. Phelps is all set to test his ability beneath water that too full of current, beating a white shark.

Discovery has arranged for this awareness raising program in concerned with saving sharks in the sea. Sharks are the speediest one under water and the living legend to give Phelps competition! Phelps has been in to many humanitarian work till now, however, this gives him the most pleasure in meeting his new competition under water.


quarterback baseball

Republicans Lose to the Democrats

Nationals Park holds the sensational game where the Republicans lost it to the Democrats in the Annual Baseball. The friendly spirited sport holds the republicans against the Democrats where sportsmanship wins. The match was followed by the ballfield shooting horror that was paid homage to while the players honored their colleagues through the game. Steve Scalise and his mates from Louisiana Rep. played their heart out in the game against Mike Doyle and his players from Democrats.

Democrats won by 11-2 that led them to the trophy. Mike handed it later to his GOP colleague and counterpart Rep. Joe Barton. Barton showed his acceptance for the same and ended the sport in honor of the deceased.

Special Agent David Bailey gave his speech that made the crowd whip proclaiming “1 Family” as a sign.



10th Win in French Open

Rafael Nadal makes it to 10th win in the French Open and made a record. His consecutive improvement in performance makes him a legend in his profession. Nadal is a living legend holding 10th Cup of the French Open in a lifetime since 1968. Nadal won to Stan Wawrinka beating at 6-2, 6-3 and 6-1 in the final. 15 Grand Slam trophies secured his position towards the peak in tennis championship. Nadal withdrew from France Open a year ago due to wrist injury making himself await for the trophy by a year.


It’s Tapwrit Again

Making it to the Belmont Stake at Kentucky Derby was an enormous win for Tapwrit. The Gray colt won by two lengths over Irish War Cry. Trainer Todd Pletcher made his 3rd win in career in Belmont Stake with this win by Tapwrit. The Jockey was Jose Ortiz having whom on ride Tapwrit ran 11/2 miles in 2:30:02 hours on the home track.



Climbing El Captain Without Safety Gears!

After dreaming for over 8 years, Alex Honnold climbed the El Captain in Yosemite National Park without any safety gear. The granites walls on El Captain bowed to his dedication of 8 years with grace. Hannold gave a telephone interview to the press and said that he was elated at this achievement. His satisfaction followed the hard work and risk taken over the years in the past. The climb of 914 meters gave shrill to anyone thinking of climbing this height without any safety gear!

Hannold was born in California and had this dream of climbing El Captain without safety gear for which he started practicing 2 years ago. He rehearsed the climb several times and discovered the routed that facilitated him the trip to the top. It’s the first ever climb made without safety gear at El Captain.