Croatia, popularly known as the land of a thousand islands is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Located in the southeastern part of Europe, this beautiful country borders Adriatic Sea to the southwest, Hungary to the northeast, Herzegovina and Bosnia to the southeast, Slovenia to the northwest , and Serbia to the east.

Croatia receives over 12 million visitors every year from all round the world. Since it borders several countries, this country makes a great starting point for a European adventure.

If you’re searching for an amazing destination that will delight and satisfy your needs and expectations, Croatia is definitely the country of choice. Although it’s a small country, it has too much to offer.

Here are top reasons to visit Croatia:


Apart from the renowned World Heritage Sites, Croatia has many other splendid natural tourist attractions. They include; the Plitvice Lakes National Park. With 16 interconnecting waterfalls, beautiful flora and fauna, majestic mountains, and caves, visiting the Park is a wonderful experience among most tourists.

The Island of Hvar is one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. It’s also well known for its wonderful weather, vibrant nightlife and aromatic lavender fields, and stylish hotels.


There are spectacular museums in Croatia where you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the history of Croatia. The Archaeological Museum of Split is the oldest museum in the country where you’ll find a collection of artifacts from various eras. Other museums worth visiting are Andautonia Archaeological Park, the Croatian History Museum, and the 13th Century Trakoscan Castle which has been converted into a medieval museum. You can also visit the old city of Zagreb and catch glimpse of it’s ancient walls monuments and cobbled alleys. If you are an art enthusiast, you can’t afford to wind up your tour without visiting the Muzej Mimara.

Good weather

During the summer, Croatia is a wonderful place to spend your vacation. The temperatures are fairly high, but if you are anywhere along the Adriatic coast and the coastline, you’ll absolutely love the refreshing and pleasant nature. You’ll be awed by the stunning beaches, swaying palm trees , and amazing people.

Pristine beaches

This is another major reason why most tourists choose Croatia as their favorite destination. The sandy and pebbly beaches in Croatia offer excellent opportunities for recreation and relaxation. One of the most popular beaches is Brela beach. There are other beaches on its beautiful islands like Cres, Rab, Brac, Mljet, Korcula.


Croatia has dozens of authentic cuisines, with mouthwatering specialties that will leave you yearning for more. Seafood is very popular here, featuring servings of shrimp, mussels, squid , seafood pasta, cuttlefish risotto, and truffles. You’ll also find a wide variety of meat dishes such as veal steaks, roast pork, delectable desserts, stews, ad salty pies. Croatia is also known for its homemade cheese and wines.

Sporting activities

Tourists who visit Croatia get the opportunity to enjoy various sporting activities, including trekking and hiking on Biokovo, Velebit, and Paklenica. If you are into water sports, you can enjoy rafting, canyoning and sailing on rivers Cetina, Zrmanja and around the islands.

Makarska nightlife

Makarska is a beautiful town located between Dubrovnik and Split with eclectic nightlife . It offers numerous cocktail bars and cafes along the promenade.

Courteous people

The Croats happen to be the most friendly people you can ever meet. If there is anything you need or you need answers to a few questions you might have, you will find a nice and friendly local person who can help you out.

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Overall, Croatia is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean. Whether you are looking for a memorable adventure or a relaxing vacation, you’ll be awed by the numerous things to do in this country.