In the home gaming console market, there are only two that comes to mind at first, Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s XBOX. These two companies have been dominating the console market since the early 2000’s. But now in recent times, only one reigns as the best selling console. At present,  with over 50 percent of the market share to its name, The Sony playstation 4 is exactly that. Since its launch in 2013, 70 million units have been sold. That is a beast of a number compared to Microsoft’s 30 million units of XBOX ONE.


Now, five years after its launch, we take a look at the Playstation 4 to see how it holds up. In the last two years, 3 new and better versions of PS4 has been marketed by Sony. The ones that are on the cycle at this moment are the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. The slim model is the improved and more polished version of the first model of PS4. All the problems that were faced by the first model had been fixed on the last iteration. The PS4 slim model has all the internal configuration that its predecessor had and then some. It has a 4 core APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) from AMD that works both as its CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphical Processing Unit).


The APU of the PS4 Slim is clocked at 1.6 GHz. The PS4 also sports an 8 gigabytes of GDD5 RAM which is running at a 512 MiB bandwidth. These two APU and RAM configuration renders the PS4 to be highly capable of running any kind of game with ease. Now, for the PS4 Pro, these numbers are even higher as the PS4 pro is a lot more powerful than a vanilla PS4 slim. The CPU for the Pro model is the same cpu but it is clocked at a whopping 2.3 GHz which is much faster than the Slim one. The ram count is the same for the Pro model. For storage, the slim model comes both in 500 gigabytes and 1 terabytes and Pro comes in at 1 terabytes from factory default. But both of these models have the capability of being upgraded to a much larger HDD or SSD of the buyers choice. In the box, the PS4 comes with all standard equipments.


These are as follows, power cable, instruction manual, mono headset, a single dualshock 4 joystick and a high bandwidth HDMI cable. Both the PS4 Slim and Pro has a matt black finishing, although with certain games there comes certain versions of PS4 with different artworks all over its body. These are for more hardcore fans and collectors. The newly designed dualshock 4 joysticks are indeed a joy to play with. They have a excellent ergonomic design that had almost no negative effect in your hands whatsoever and they are greatly responsive as well. The joystick is an amazing improvement compared to the last generation joystick. The user interface is as easy to understand as it can be and it also comes with all the standard apps like Netflix, Youtube and all the other standard ones. In usage, the Slim is a bit slower than the Pro, but it is as expected. Slim can not do a native 60 fps (frames per second) rendering in all games, it can only do this in a few games only.


It mostly does a great 30 fps in games that require more horsepower that the others. But the Pro model can do a crisp 60 fps in most of the games. Although it might seem like buying the Slim model would be a loss. But it’s quite the contrary. The PS4 Slim model is great for casual gaming on a big screen TV. The Pro model is for the hardcore gamers and fans of the Playstation brand who want those extra frames and performance. It is also to be noted that the Pro is a great choice for a 4K capable TV. Because of its higher CPU clock and a great engineering from Sony, it does render a good number of games in native 4K resolution. Although it can not do that native 4K in all the games, it does a great upscaling of 1440p into 4K for the ones that it can not do. In my opinion, the difference between Slim and Pro model is hardly noticeable through naked eyes. It only comes up when the performance numbers are compared.


Either way, both the Slim and Pro model would be a great choice when it comes to console gaming. Price wise, the PS4 slim model comes at 270 USD and the PRO at 375 US as of January 2018. For that extra 105 USD, the Pro would deliver much more than a Slim model would. Now let’s talk about the exclusives on the Playstation 4. This is where Sony wins in grand ways. The console has great exclusives to its name most of which can be considered as a system seller. These are the games that determine whether a console will have a long lifespan or a shorter one. With game franchises like Uncharted, God of War, Last Of Us, Until dawn, it sure does look like the PS4 is here for a long time and the games that have been announced has the news of it being the best selling console of this generation. Finally, it can be said that the Sony Playstation is a console gamers dream come true and it is highly recommended for any home that is fortunate enough to get it.