India is a land of much diversity, and hence, it is a land of many kinds of dishes too! One of the most famed Indian cuisines is the Mughlai cuisine, especially because of the deliciously lip smacking dishes that have originated from this cuisine.

While some swear by Mughlai food, others love to indulge in some really good Mughlai dishes from time to time. Whatever it might be, Mughlai is a cuisine that is loved by all. Since it has a large variety of dishes, it is probably not possible for someone to try out all the dishes that this cuisine has. So here are some of the best and most popular Mughlai dishes that you have to try out once in your life:

  1. Biriyani: Ah well, what is Mughlai cuisine without biriyani! This is a delicious dish that is loved by all. It is made in different parts of the country in different ways and is prepared with different ingredients like mutton, beef or even chicken. Whatever might be the biriyani variety, this dish is best enjoyed with chicken chap and a large bowl of raita. If you fall in love with this dish, you will always crave for it!
  2. Tandoori Roti: Tandoor refers to a special type of oven. A lot of Mughlai dishes are prepared in a tandoor which gives it a definite burnt feel to it. One of the most popular and most common Mughlai dishes is the tandoori roti. Whether the dish may be creamy or dry or with a little bit of gravy, everything bodes well with a tandoori roti. It is not very easy to make if you do not know the specifics, so you can always refer to a good tandoori roti recipe in hindi.
  3. SheekKabab: Kababs are a particular speciality of Mughlai dishes which are enjoyed by all and sundry. The mutton sheekkabab is a particular favourite and when prepared right, this will simply melt in the mouth. Lucknow is a city that is particularly known for its kababas which can also be enjoyed with a nicely done rumali roti. If you want to mix up the taste and add a tang to this dish then enjoy it with pudina chutney!
  4. AkbariDaal: When it comes to vegetarian dishes, the Mughlai cuisine is also a hit. Rich and creamy, this particular daal is a speciality, straight from the Mughali hot pot! This dish is best enjoyed with a nicely done tandoori roti and any sabji on the side.
  5. ShahiTudka: How can a meal be complete without something sweet at the end of it? Well then try out a shahitudka after a hearty Mughali meal to satisfy your sweet tooth. Do make sure that you have the shahitudka fresh or otherwise a lot of the taste is lost.

So, these are some seriously delicious dishes that belong to the Mughlai cuisine. So if you are craving for something hot, spicy, rich and creamy, then you can try out any one of these!