Social networks are the latest thing on the internet that aims at making you more social! Social, they say, in terms of detachment from people (read, flesh and blood) replaced by Pictures and videos, networking in terms of adding them on your profile. If this is the idea of socializing, the world will soon perish in its charm when enjoying the moment will be replaced forever by taking photos and posing and pouting.

Social Networks:

Please don’t judge me over my stinginess towards this new trend of socializing for I also have my accounts in each of the sites namely: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These networks have certain objectives to fulfill.

Facebook, where people have a profile to add people in the Friend list and keep them updated about their personal to professional life – being social! Here, you are judged by the number of followers you have on the profile and the number of likes you achieve. No trend is launched that brings about any change in real.

Instagram, where you upload your photos on a regular basis and allow your followers to put likes on them. You are all that you share in frames. Instagram allows you to put photos in it with certain captions that justifies clicking the photos.

Twitter, where you are asked to notify your followers of your thoughts and opinions in no more than 140 characters. Your opinion matters only when they fit in the 140-character criteria of this site.

Lastly, YouTube, where you have a channel to upload your videos to and make comment on others’ videos uploaded. Here you get videos on God-knows-what! All you have to do is to type something, namely – pen, you have suggestions of over 10,000 videos on the same.


How Social Are You?

Being social has got nothing to do with having a strong Facebook profile or a heavy Instagram followers. These sites have shaped our idea of socializing over the last 10 years. People tend to say Hi in a chat than saying Hello in person. Fighting Shy of – never seemed more real than meeting people from Facebook in real who ignore making eye contact with you. These are the same people who click on the Like Button on your photo or even send you chats in the midnight!

Socializing has been shaped faster than your hitting puberty from childhood! The entire process of meeting and talking to people has been changed rapidly. Let’s think of Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day – all you do is to take photo and upload them with some nice captions. Is that all? Is that all Socializing is about? If yes, then the end of human era is near with the approach of Robot era!


How to Be More Human than Robot?

Being human is an option. It’s a choice over trend, a thought over status! Just when you think its necessary to post a status about your current moment, you can actually enjoy it more being yourself and being more human.

While posing and pouting for photo, you can think of the issue emerging in your country, you can update yourself with latest information on the same. These are the real actions that can add value to your day.

Taking picture is no crime, neither uploading them is but when you are always busy doing these, you are slowly turning them into your habits and that’s when its wrong. Becoming slave to machine is no less than becoming robots. Becoming robot thus is also a choice!

Making the Most of Social Networks on Internet:

When communicating is necessary, social networks are amazing options of the same. Following someone is good, but then idolizing them in person is better. Using the options on the menus is easier than making it real through actions. Making the best of Social networks is what the sites are made for.