There was a time when people used to go outside or hangout with family and friends for super-fast refreshment and solid entertainments. In those good old days things were completely different from what we are seeing or doing today. There were deeper bondings between people as they spent significant amount of time with others while being physically present with them. Rushes though life was always the same, but they had time for literally everything. As time flew decade by decade, the rush didn’t change much but all those “offline” fun seem to vanish and people started to get detached eventually. Internet is doubtlessly a blessing but the new generation has turned it out to something totally different.

Social media, the platform where people interact with each other today, is one of the greatest things that happened to us. It was meant to accelerate marketing for a sole purpose of spreading business worldwide, having feedbacks and all. Though social media is serving the purpose quite brilliantly but it is making some vital changes in the lifestyle of the new generation which was obvious but not thoroughly anticipated to be like this may be. Apart from all the bright good sides of those platforms, they seem to take away “life” from people, which certainly is a matter of grief! Along with so many serious and crucial issues of which the world is getting intensively concerned, how this generation is getting dissolved into the online life is something which we really didn’t need right now.

Its sad that social networking sites have somehow changed the whole definition of “being social” and also grossly changing our mindset attacking from the very root. The free time people used to spend hanging out with others is now been swallowed by the lifeless electronic devices. Kids these days spend more time online to maintain a good social life than spending time with family or face-timing relatives and friends. They don’t need to hit the playground as they have enough fun playing online games. They don’t go to family picnics like before, rather they keep chatting with virtual so-called friends for hours. Hobbies like reading books, gardening, and collecting staffs seem to become boring and backdated for this new generation kids. Once children used to play games and sports every afternoon, but now they get socialized online! Certainly they can get attached to people from a wider range but somewhere in the process the person sitting right beside you goes far away being unnoticed, even beyond your sight.

social hand

People these days are living a life for the small bright screens in every hand. Posting photos, memories, opinion on social media took over the real realization of the moment or the enjoyment the surroundings or foods in real life. They have a jolly good life full of fun and spirit on the virtual made up entities that they are almost forgetting to live the moment which they were supposed to do in the first place. The race of showing of seems never ending and only getting worse that in near future people will have serious trust issues with every single thing on earth, let alone other people.

Again, the benefits are undeniable and enormous, but that shouldn’t make us go blind the negative and irreversible side effects its leaving on us. Parents are having hard time to manage everything single handedly. They have so much work to do to meet every end together that controlling their children regarding using social sites has almost become impossible. But still we have time to fix the new generation “social” move. Spending more family time, making them realize about what life really is, helping them to build up good habits and hobbies, more of real interactions can stop this unhealthy craze of this generation.