The presence and popularity of various social media networking sites have greatly changed the overall business dynamics in the 21st century. Nowadays, most businesses tend to resort to various social media platforms for effective marketing strategies and Lead generation marketing agency prospects. Social media promotions help in enhancing the company’s reputation and brand name. At the same time, it also opens up new avenues for organizers to spread the message of the event to hundreds of user’s with whom they are not even connected. These platforms are thus proving to be such great tools for enhancing an event’s visibility. Research has however shown that 67% of B2C and 47% of B2B companies have gained new customers through Face book. While, 47% of the companies that used Twitter acquired new customers.
Let me now discuss how you can effectively use social networks to effectively generate lead for your events.
• Capturing Attention through Facebook postings.
In social media marketing, you have no scope for face to face communication. So you need to capture the attention of your attendees through effective online marketing campaigns. One of the ways to do so is by posting interesting and engaging content relevant to your event. It becomes easier for you to create a buzz through this indirect method of promotion once you start getting the feel of your online communities. To draw immediate attention, you can post contents related to your event venue, purpose, speakers and invitees. Posting links of your blog on your social website profile pages can be another effective way to reach out to your potential attendees. This helps you to create a loyal and expanding customer base that might turn into prospective attendees.
• Sending Short and Sweet Tweets.
In recent times, Twitter has become a potential and effective social media platform that allows you to send short messages of about 140 characters thereby reaching out to hundreds of customers. To have substantial followers you need to be regular with your tweets. You can use the hoot suite option to schedule your tweet. At the same time, you can also use keywords or hash tags to attract people’s attention. While Tweeting you must remember that nowadays people are left with little time after maintaining their hectic schedule; so your tweets must create an impact at the very first go. Besides, you must also keep provisions for re-tweeting, where another user re-posts your message. This helps in enhancing your followers and finally leads to an increased traffic to your registration page.
• Reaching Out To Other Professionals.
If you are however aiming to draw in the maximum number of attendees possible for your event then you must not leave out the professionals. Although you might get hold of some in other social media platforms but the best interface to connect with them would be on LinkedIn. This social media platform allows you to build relationships with people by answering their queries and putting up a post that draws their interest easily. Though it will be a time consuming process but efforts put in are worth it. The more the number of followers the more effective is the possibility of lead generation for your event. Social Media is the new and upcoming trend in business nowadays that ensures effective lead generation.
If that sounds like you, I’ve got some great tips to share with you.
Lead generation marketing agency- Use link shortening to measure lead generation.
One problem with social media is that long URLs can take up too much room in your post (especially if you’re using Twitter). With many link shortening services, not only can you create smaller links, but you’ll also be able to track how many clicks they’re getting. Several link shorteners have excellent built-in analytics programs that provide all sorts of practical information you can use to measure your social media lead generation program.
I particularly like and clicky – but there are new link shortening services popping up almost daily, so look around for one that fits your needs and your budget.
Take advantage of Facebook Insights.
Facebook Insights provides easy-to-follow information on how many new fans you’ve received, how much activity has been happening on your fan page wall, and how it compares to your historical data. By comparing this information to your small business marketing activities, you’ll be able to infer which activities have been drawing the attention of your target audience and have been the most responsible for lead generation.
Encourage your visitors to share.
Add this goes above and beyond the typical “tweet this” or “like” buttons that you may have seen on other websites. The Add This service offers tremendous analytics that will show you what content has been shared, how much traffic was brought back to your website, how individual pages have been shared, where your links have been spread, etc. And it can even be incorporated into Google Analytics. You might need a little technical help to get it implemented on your website, but the few bucks you’ll have to pay your tech guy will be more than worth it.
And speaking of Google Analytics…
Sometimes we have a tendency to overcomplicate things and we forget about the easy tools that are already at our disposal. Your current implementation of Google Analytics can be very useful in measuring the success of your social media engagement, lead generation marketing agency. Take a look at your traffic sources report. How many visitors are coming from Facebook? Twitter? Social bookmarking sites? While you’ve got your tech guy installing the Add This button, have him create a custom Analytics report to specifically measure your social media marketing activities and lead generation success.