There is no doubt that humans are now bounded to their smartphones, and we can’t even imagine our survival without it. From waking up in the bed too performing all the routine work, we are using the unlimited services of smartphones which are available in numerous forms. Surprisingly, all the features of smartphones are not yet discovered completely.

These features are either related to the smartphones or the Android and iPhone app development company that is one of the biggest reason of the grand success of the smartphone. After discovering few of them, being a writer, I decided to use my writing skills and pen down these features in my article so my readers can also get the benefits of these features and can utilize smartphones at full capacity.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you those smartphone features that you would not know before.

Duplicate Application Icon:

Instead of using different handsets to use one application through either multiple accounts or different purposes, there is another way which very few people know. Your smartphone can create the duplicate or clone of one application. In the updated versions of Android, you can easily make a clone of any app with the feature called “App Cloner.” Through this feature, you can not only create two icons of one app but also use that app for two different purposes at a time without merging both apps with each other. This is a handy feature for those people who use social media networks with different accounts.

Make Your Smartphone A Digital Scale:

If a calculator feature of the mobile phone amazed you, then this will make your jaw dropped. Not just calculating the numbers, but your smartphone can also weighing small things like weighing the groceries at the store. There is an app called calibrate which makes your smartphone into a digital scale. Through this app, you can simply weigh the thing by putting them on the screen of the smartphone. NOTE: do not try weighing any heavy thing or else your smartphone would break into two or pieces.

Two Windows In One Screen:

It is always hard to keep track on two different apps on your smartphone. There are some features that make it feasible for you to some extent, but it is still not enough to track two apps completely. However, some smartphones can make it straightforward. IF you have any of them and just for the sake of try, open the right app and hold the task list key to the right of the home key button. Then you can get your multi-window mode and can enjoy two apps along.

Smartphone Safe Mode:

We all know what actions Safe Mode of a computer could perform and how we can take our computers on the right track through it. But do you know that your smartphone also has its Safe Mode? Through this mode, you can debug and remove any third-party applications that interfere with the proper operations of your phone. To put your smartphone onto the Safe Mode, just switch on your phone or even tablet, then press down the power button again and hold it till the menu appears. Then press and hold the onscreen off or power off key which will make an option appear which would ask you about the Safe Mode. Just tap on it, and you will get into the Safe Mode of your smartphone.

Offline Maps:

You are on a trip to any mountain range in which it is nearly impossible to get any kind of sign of civilization or technology, then the thing that you need most is the map so you would not get lost in the mountains. But without any network coverage, how can you access the map? Well, I have an answer of this too which would save a lot of money that we spend on the internet while roaming. Your smartphone also has offline maps feature that can work just like an app in your mobile which doesn’t need internet to run. All you have to do is to download online maps to your phone and disable the mobile internet while leaving your GPS switched on. The best part is, your location would still display on offline maps thanks to its connectivity with the satellite.