With the world turning their eyes from computer screens to a convenient smart phone, it’s time business players use this opportunity and plan their marketing schemes in this sphere.
Statistics reveal that over 78% retailers invest in-mobile marketing annually. This gives an astonishing insight into the reality of marketing and indicates that you should steer your business towards mobile marketing.
Here’s why mobile marketing will boost your business:
Your customer is within reach
A study shows that a person is within reach of his phone about 90 percent of the time that he is awake. So, there is very little chance of you missing out on your customers. There will always be some way to reach them to market your product.
Reach your target audience
Unlike traditional modes of marketing, you will be able to confine your marketing to analready determined target audience. This way, the marketing strategy itself is more effective and worthwhile. For instance, if you are marketing a product for youth, you can focus on targeting the youth alone instead of promoting to everyone. This will eventually turn out to be more economical for the company.
Dialogue is more effective than monologue
Unlike a traditional approach, mobile marketing is a dialogue and not a monologue. Here, a two-way communication is taking place which enables the potential customer to clarify and clear their doubts about the products and services. Bloggers and influencers are becoming a powerful tool.
Building relationships
Mobile marketing gives room for direct interaction with customers which can also be a platform through which customers can share their views, opinions, comments and suggestions.
Since it’s a personal one-on-one interaction, it creates a great forum where an effective relationship can be built with your customers. That can help develop your company’s name and brand image. These schemes can help toimprove customer relationship and management. In terms of gadgets, Since a mobile phone is considered to be more intimate to a person than others so the messages and marketing strategies should keep this in mind.
Promotion at a lower cost
When compared with traditional modes of marketing, mobile marketing is more economical. Its target-oriented approach also reduces costs and makes it profitable foryourbusiness.
Higher response rate
It has been seen that the response rate for a mobile promotion is five times greater than that of an email. It gives you the opportunity to put forward a wider variety of marketing like conducting campaigns and contests throughwhich the popularity of the brand will rise as these will attract more people to participate.
Collects relevant and accurate data
In this process, the details acquired and stored in the company’s databases are relevant and accurate. Mobile phone numbersaresomething that people won’t change frequently and since responses are received from the customer himself, the data collected will be accurate.
Delays are reduced
When compared to other forms of marketing, mobile marketing is quicker in terms of both promoting and in receiving response from the other side. The kind of delays that are experienced in terms of email and other forms of marketing are reduced.
Relevant conversation with potential customers
Unlike an email or other forms of marketing, mobile marketing is more relevant. Conversations with the potential customers are to the point and give them theopportunity to clarify their doubts about the product or service.
Mobile marketing is location based
As the marketing strategies are altered in each location keeping in mind the culture, social background and general preference of potential customers, it is believed to be more relevant.
The geographical data plays a major role in setting up schemes.
Using QR codes, we are able to find the location of the consumers within that proximity and then communicate with them. There’s no point in marketing a fashion showroom to a person who is in the other part of the country.
That’s why it is mandatory to be aware of consumers within your proximity and promote your goods to them.
Taking a look at all these benefits of mobile marketing gives us a number of reasons why every successful business should opt for it. This is surely a better way to make your business grow stronger, more influential and help it reach its goals.