Hello Folks! You’re hitting hard every day with your workout routine, going heavy on the weights and sweating up with cardio. But let me tell you this, while that is essential for your ultimate success, but not enough to lose that extra layer of fat deposition in your body.
To achieve your goal, you must also follow a healthy diet, filled with all the essential micro and macronutrients.
When you search ‘diet to lose weight’, you get plenty of web results. But, most of them are very difficult to follow and thus leave you unsatisfied.If you lack strong willpower, then hunger will cause you to give up on these plans quickly.
So, what different are you going to get here?
The plans outlined here will-
Reduce your hunger significantly.
Make you lose weight quickly, hence visible results.
Improve your metabolic rate at the same time.

GM diet
What is GM Diet?

It is a weight loss management plan developed by the General Motors Corporation to help keep their workers active and in shape. The GM diet and it’s unique plan will help you to bring down close to 2-3 kgs in 7 days. Along with weight reduction, comes the added benefit of feeling good, looking good all making it a great experience. It not only improves your mental health and attitude, it also helps you to clean and detoxify your body.
Does the GM Diet Work?
According to recent studies, this diet plan is quite effective in reducing extra kilos at a steady rate. This diet can help you get rid of up to 3 kgs each week, whereas other plans are not that effective.

How to Prepare for the GM Diet
If you’re planning to follow the GM diet as your weight loss program, you should be prepared to undergo excess sweating, occasional feeling of hunger, and sudden weakness, during the first few days as side effects.
Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking not less than 10-12 glasses of water and avoiding alcohol will aid you to collocate with this diet plan.

Day Wise GM Diet
Day 1
The Fruit day.Yes, you need to consume only fruits, anything but not the banana. You need to avoid protein and other veggies on the very first day. Along with it, I would advise you to have plenty of water, around ten glasses.
Day 2
It is The Veggie Day. You need to have a large boiled potato along with some other veggies of your choice.Again, do not forget to have eight to ten glasses of water, along with same restrictions as stated above.Also,no fruits for day 2.
Day 3
The Fruit+Veggie Day.have any fruit at regular intervals, but avoid banana. You can have any veggies ,boiled not cooked in oil.
Day 4
The Banana Day. Today you will have 8-10 bananas with four glasses of milk.Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated.
Day 5
The Tomato Day. This day will make you have 6 tomatoes and a cup of brown rice. Maintain the water intake on this day too.
Day 6
The Cooked Meal Day. Have brown rice with cooked or uncooked vegetables, basically boiled. Here too, water in the same quantity is a must. Also, on this day you can have a piece of grilled fish or chicken breast.
Day 7
The Juice Day. The last day you can have any fruit juice along with a cup of brown rice and boiled or cooked veggies, with low oil content.

2. Intermittent Fasting
What is intermittent fasting?
The diet involves eating a meal and fasting over others. A lot of people have lost significant weight by eating after noon and stopping after 8 pm.
Intermittent fasting – isn’t that starvation?
No. It differs from starvation in a significant way and that is ‘Control’. It is the involuntary absence of food. It is done purposely nor controlled. whereas fasting is the voluntary giving up of food for spiritual, health, and many other reasons.
Food is easily available, but you choose not to eat it. It can be for any period of time, from a few hours up to days or even weeks. You can start a fast at any time of your choosing, right now? yes,of course, and you may end a fast when you want to.
It has no fixed duration, as it is just the absence of eating. Anytime you are not eating, you are fasting. For instance, you may fast between dinner and breakfast the next morning, a period of around 12-14 hours. Hence, fasting should be considered a part of life.
How does intermittent fasting work?
At the very core level, fasting simply allows the body to burn off the excess body fat. It is important to understand this as normal and you,as humans have evolved too fast without any hazardous health consequences. Body fat is nothing but the energy that has been stored. If you don’t eat, your body will “eat” its own fat for energy.

One for the Non-veg lovers

Chicken Breast and Egg Diet

To all the non-veg lovers, after all these studies, there is no proof that non-veg foods cause major health problems. Instead, to other’s surprise chicken is protein rich and can play a major role in weight loss. So carry on your good work.
Eggs are such perfect foods. They have very high protein levels and even healthy fats. These can make your empty stomach feel full with the comparatively little amount of calories. So, Eggs to your rescue.

Vegan Diet

And you cannot deny, Salads are the tastiest diet food, with the many varieties. You can even have a cream topping. Fresh salads are very healthy and are advised by the dietitian.

Fruits have good sugar content. Fruits take a while to chew. They are fiber-rich and help prevent the fast release of sugar in the blood. You can choose the right fruits for the right time of the say.Thus, do not miss this utterly delicious diet food. Grab it on.
The unnoticed king of the diet food that needs instant attention is the grapefruit. They help in reduction in insulin resistance. So, I suggest eating half a grapefruit, when? about half an hour before any of your regular meals. This may immensely help you feel more satisfied with much fewer calories intake overall.

One For the pro
A Food Plan for muscle building and fat loss

Sticking to a meal plan besides working out is of equal importance. Follow this diet plan for 7 days and notice the difference on your own. It’s suggested to start on a weekend so that you have time for yourself to be prepared.

Day 1-6

Breakfast: Omelette made with three egg whites and filled with 75g chopped mixed peppers and a handful of spinach
Mid-morning snack: 100g chicken with ½ red pepper, sliced
Lunch: 150gm chicken breast, mixed salad leaves, red peppers
Mid-afternoon snack: 100g turkey breast with salad
Dinner: 100g grilled chicken breast with boiled broccoli

The seventh day is going to comprise of a cheat meal along with some low to moderate carb regular foods.

So,I hope I made it pretty clear to you that diet is a huge part of the fat loss equation. It’s the backbone of your entire plan, the foundation of a hard body. Be it me, any diet plan or any supplement out in the market, nothing can help you out till your determination doesn’t work.So, following any plans, along with sheer determination and discipline is the key to weight loss.These are the top-5 checklist before you start your diet plan. Loads of luck in this journey of losing excess fat and earning confidence.All the best.