An alleged photo of the box of the very next Galaxy S9 has published. It would reveal a large part of the technical sheet of the smartphone that is based on that of the Galaxy S8 while improving certain elements.

This week, the head of Samsung’s mobile division spoke to a crowd of journalists, citing some topics that have widely mentioned by leaks and rumors: smartphones that bend, version 2.0 of Bixby and the Galaxy S9(click here). According to DJ Koh, the flagship will not arrive before the Mobile World Congress where it will be announced, such as the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S6. We will have to wait more than a month before getting all the official details about the phone, as well as its very likely “Plus” declension.

Same screen, same chassis

A month that will certainly be very long for Samsung. Rumors will have plenty of time to unveil all the secrets of the brand’s new flagship store. One of them hit hard this weekend. If it turns out to be true, most of the technical details of the Galaxy S9 is made public. This indiscretion takes the form of a photographic published on Reddit. According to the source, this is a snapshot of the back of the box Galaxy S9. And, traditionally, Samsung lists some information on the phone.
We are talking here in the conditional. If the cliché is legitimate, the Galaxy S9 will take the size of its predecessor: a Quad HD + Super AMOLED screen of 5.8 inches if the screen was perfectly rectangular. However, as the angles are rounded, the display area is 5.6 inches. The reference chipset is not filled, but it should be the Exynos 9810 previously officialized by Samsung. This chipset is here accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, as in 2017. For 2018, only the “Plus” version would have 6 GB of RAM.

Dual Photo Sensor and Super Slow Motion Mode

The photographic equipment is interesting. At the back would be two photosensors, while some rumors claimed that only the “Plus” version would be equipped with a dual 12-megapixel photo sensor. It is, therefore, a good first news. The second good news is the brightness of the main sensor: the lens opens at f / 1.5, as for the W2018. Samsung seems to have set itself a goal to compete in brightness with standard cameras, because of each year, the opening is a little larger (f / 1.7 in 2016, f / 1.6 in 2017). This sensor is further stabilized.

The second objective opens at f / 2.4. It could be a telephoto lens for a zoom lens or a lens for an extra sensor. The webcam is an 8-megapixel model with autofocus and retinal scan (in addition to the fingerprint reader on the back, logically). Finally, note the integration of a Super Slow Motion mode for video capture. Sony will not be the only one to offer it.