The high-end smartphones in the market are expensive, and literally offer the specifications like a laptop. And, these high-end phones have to extract the juice and make the most of its characteristics. They are high-end equipment for demanding users and technology savvy. We do not recommend you if you just need a smartphone for every day and superficial use like surfing on Facebook, chatting for WhatsApp or playing an occasional game. For these tasks, you could recommend other cheaper smartphones that would perform very well with its function. But if you a tech savvy who wants everything to be on fingertips then the next Samsung Galaxy S9 is for you.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The ability to use these smartphones as a desktop PC is ideal for more complex tasks. Writing articles, programming or designing are some of the things you can do with this equipment if you buy the DeX Station accessory. So, with the next Samsung Galaxy s9 you will be able to almost everything that you can perform with a decent desktop computer.

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + are two of the most desired computers of the year. At least on the Android platform, however, from my point of view, I have mixed feelings, to the point that I would not recommend buying it. At least not for now and not for the price currently offered. Instead of going for this smart device I would recommend you wait a bit for the next version Galaxy S9 or else buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Not that the Galaxy S8 is bad, but from my point of view it is as if they were offering us a smartphone in beta. A careless and rushed development, perhaps with the desire to quickly recover lost confidence after the incident with Galaxy Note 7 (Samsung’s explosive phones), but so far Galaxy S8 is a perfect phone. But the Samsung Galaxy S9 will replace it in 2018.

The factors that make me think that way are three: the fingerprint sensor, the integration of Bixby and the lack of innovation. Not having the time to develop the technology that allows them to read the fingerprint below the screen, they chose to place the sensor in the back. But instead of putting it in the middle of the equipment or some other more appropriate place, they made the mistake of putting it next to the camera. Not only is it uncomfortable due to the dimensions of the equipment, but also the camera ends up with stains most of the time. It is as if the person who made the decision, would not have cared how inconvenient it would be for users, to comply as soon as possible. I am sure that this error will be corrected in the next version the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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