Samsung is about to launch their best creation ever since their first launch of Android phone in 2009. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be launched on 21st of April in the US and on 28th in the UK. It is also said that this is the most expensive phone that Samsung has ever made.


Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone that eventually will do well in the massive smartphone market competition of 2017. Though Samsung already launched its last stunt in the first quarter of this year, but people are eagerly waiting for this Samsung Galaxy S8 to smash the market for some obvious reasons. Samsung has put much effort to make this significant piece which has come over lots of limitations of its predecessors and added a number of unique and advanced specifications which will definitely blow the minds of its users.



The design of Samsung Galaxy S8 is revolutionary which begins from inside out, as Samsung claim them. On the topic of the design, the display of this phone holds the most attention. This phone has the biggest screen you have ever seen which really passes through the edges. So actually it is the phone with mostly a display. As Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a wider view, you will need to scroll less and can work more. Moreover, you can see the boundaries of the screen as it bends around the edges flowing uninterrupted to the aluminum shell.



The cameras of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus are just awesome. Front camera is of 8MP and has an f/1.7 lens which has “Smart Auto Focus” feature included. The rear camera of this phone has 12MP with “Dual Pixel Sensor” and an f/1.7 lens. This camera auto focuses each face and can click amazing and vibrant images even there is a very little light or at night. You can take pictures of every moment with marvelous focus and crystal clear quality anywhere, anytime!



Samsung Galaxy S8 also has impossible to break security as it scans your irises to unlock your phone thus your phone becomes secured through the safest yet really convenient procedure for you. Its chip-level multi-layer security system offered by Samsung Knox (version 2.8) safeguards your personal and professional data safe under your palm around the clock.



The performance of Samsung Galaxy S8 will make you get addicted to your phone more and more as you go on using it. World’s first 10nm processor has increased its speed and extended its battery life like you never experienced so far. Gigabit LTE and Gigabit Wi-Fi have enabled this phones to increase their downloading speed up to 20% comparing to any previous models launched by Samsung depending on the connection speed. Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8 Plus are also dust and water resistant. It can work just fine in different foreign environment and underwater up to 1.5m, for 30 minutes. The memory of this phone is expandable up to 256GB, meaning you will never need to delete a single thing from your phone ever.



When Apple is working on wireless audio system Samsung Galaxy S8 comes along with the feature of wireless charging. Charging your phone is now as easy as putting your phone down on a table. Fast charging technology takes a way less time to charge your phone than you have experienced earlier.



Another exciting feature of Samsung Galaxy S8 is its artificial intelligence system which they call Bixby. Interacting with your phone, switching from app to app is much easier and fun! You can use voice, text or just a click to say whatever you want to or ask as Bixby gets them all. This artificial intelligence system uses camera to watch your activities, working pattern to learn from your style so that it can get just better day by day. You can talk, text or tap for initiating Bixby as your convenience.



Bixby gets customized as you go on using your phone as it learns continuously. Searching things will be the easiest task ever as you will just need to take a picture and Bixby will get to you with answers right away. It’s like having a smarter companion within your phone 24/7. There is another feature named “Smart Switch” which lets you to move all the old data from your previous phone without much effort so that you can keep up with all your memories within a few swipes and clicks.



There are much more that comes along with Samsung Galaxy S8. Gear 360 is an awesome gadget which will let you capture your life around 360 degrees. You can also insert your phone into Gear VR to experience all the adventure on earth more closely. Samsung also enabled a health app to keep track of health issues if its users which gather information about your lifestyle and recommends you to have a healthier life or reach your targets.